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Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorneys

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Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers

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Accident and personal injury victims can feel powerless following unforeseen life events, such as violent car accidents, disfiguring dog bites, or severe burns suffered in explosions. Families grieving wrongful death tragedies bear a burden that no financial settlement can relieve.

At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, our lawyers are committed to guiding our clients through every stage of their personal injury case. Our attorneys will work hard to win financial compensation for lost wages, physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, motor vehicle repair or replacement, and emotional trauma.

When you contact Nicolet Law, initial consultations with our skilled, compassionate lawyers are free of charge. If you are too injured to travel, we can make arrangements to come to you.

Personal Attention to Your Personal Injury Case

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Accidents can happen to anyone. Here at Nicolet Law, we believe accident victims should have the freedom to focus on their recovery, rather than their claims and cases. We provide our clients with attentive service and high-quality legal representation so that they can focus on what really matters.

Our experienced personal injury team can:

  • Help you get insurance claims resolved
  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Help get your medical bills paid
  • Seek compensation on your behalf for property repairs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages

You can rely on our legal ability and experience as we guide you through the injury claims process. We will support you as you recover both physically and financially.

“I highly recommend Nicolet Law Office. Russell and his team are kind, compassionate, client-centered, thorough, and reliable. No one wants to be involved in a life-changing accident, but if it happens, Russell is the guy to call!” Read more client reviews.

Passionate Personal Injury Claims Service

Russell Nicolet brings years of experience, professional dedication, and a compassionate approach to victims of negligence in:

Nicolet Law Firm will investigate your accident to bring hard facts to insurers—and into court, if necessary. Because we’re passionate about getting results for people of all financial situations. Nicolet Law delivers legal services on a contingency-fee basis. Our clients pay us when we win their case, either at trial or by negotiating a settlement award.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers

When accidents happen, they can affect all aspects of a victim’s life, including his or her physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Personal injury cases can play a pivotal role in a victim’s recovery by helping them receive compensation for the injuries they sustained.

At Nicolet Law Office, we’re here to guide our clients through what can be a long and complicated road toward physical and financial recovery. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will do everything they can to make the process easier.

To determine whether a personal injury claim is right for your situation, you will need to understand liability and damages—two essential elements of a personal injury case.

Liability: A personal injury case begins when an accident or injury victim decides to file a complaint against a person, business, corporation, or government agency whose action or inaction allegedly resulted in the plaintiff’s harm. The plaintiff will then need to prove liability, as the injury or damage itself does not automatically result in legal liability.

A successful personal injury claim requires the plaintiff to establish that the defendant was legally responsible for the victim’s injuries or damages. If the plaintiff establishes liability, the defendant’s insurance company may provide the victim with compensation for medical treatment, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

Damages: A plaintiff needs to demonstrate the nature and extent of their injuries and losses before they can receive compensation. Common personal injury case damages include lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and property damages.

When Does a Personal Injury Claim Need to Be Filed?

Many of our clients at Nicolet Law wonder whether they need to file a personal injury lawsuit by a particular time. The answer is yes, though the amount of time you have depends on where you are. Every state has a statute of limitations—a law that sets a time limit on your right to file a lawsuit—and you will want to verify your state’s statute to avoid inadvertently missing the deadline.

While accident and injury victims in Minnesota have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, for example, Wisconsin residents have three years before they run out of time. Exceptions to the statutes of limitations are rare.

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Personal Injury Claim Process Timeline

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can seem overwhelming, especially when you need to focus on your recovery. At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we strive to make the process as smooth and straightforward for our clients as we can.

Although no two cases are alike, personal injury cases tend to include the following steps:

  1. Seeking medical care: If you or a loved one have been in an accident, we encourage you to seek medical treatment right away. Not all injuries are immediately evident, and timely post-accident medical records can act as tangible evidence with insurance adjusters and juries.
  2. Speaking with a lawyer: While individuals can take on small personal injury claims independently, some cases may benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney. Nicolet Law Office provides free initial consultations to those wondering whether they should pursue a personal injury claim.
  3. Investigation and review: If you hire an attorney, he or she will need to investigate the claim and review your case. The local lawyers at Nicolet Law Office are committed to working with you as well as accident reconstruction specialists and medical professionals to bring hard facts to insurers—and into court, if necessary.
  4. Filing a claim: Before negotiations and litigation begin, you need to make sure all parties in the case receive notice of your claim. If you have been in a car accident, for example, you will need to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company.
  5. Making demand and negotiating: If your lawyer thinks your case can be settled without filing a lawsuit, they will make a demand to the defendant’s attorney or insurance company. Most personal injury claims settle without a lawsuit in court.
  6. Filing a lawsuit: If negotiations are unsuccessful, litigation will start once you and your lawyer file the lawsuit in court. Make sure you file your suit before the statute of limitations has run out.
  7. Discovery: Discovery is the process by which parties exchange information about their witnesses and evidence. The discovery period begins after a lawsuit has been filed and may last as long as a year.
  8. Mediation and trial: Once the discovery period ends, the lawyers have the opportunity to settle the case. Some cases will settle at this point, while others may go to mediation, in which the parties meet with a third party and try to resolve the conflict in a way that satisfies both parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, the case will go to trial.

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