Job Related Injuries: Your Guide To Compensation

No one wakes up in the morning and thinks “today is the day I will be injured at work”. Injury and illness on the job are a reality in many professions, but we try not to spend too much time thinking about the possibility of suffering a life-altering accident while making a living for our loved ones. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the threat of a workplace accident go away and an injury can turn your life upside down.

If you have been hurt on the job or in a work-related accident, you are far from alone. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that as many as 10 percent of workers will lose time on the job due to injuries in certain industries.

During such a trying time it is crucial to have every chance at making as full a recovery as possible. This often means submitting a workplace injury claim for workers’ compensation benefits to cover lost earnings and medical expenses after a work accident injury. The workers’ compensation process can be a complicated and frustrating one for an employee to handle on their own. The good news is that an experienced workplace injury lawyer can be your guide to getting the full compensation you need and deserve.

What To Do When You’re Injured At Work

What To Do When You’re Injured At Work

Hurt at work? The first step is to report your injury to your employer and seek treatment for your injury. This creates a paper trail that preserves your ability to pursue a workers’ compensation claim or third-party personal injury lawsuit so that you can receive compensation for your medical bills/medical expenses.

At that point, we recommend seeking the advice of an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who is familiar with your local area and is well-versed in workers’ compensation laws. An attorney who practices in injury law will know exactly what to look for in terms of evidence and be able to identify all available sources of financial compensation. The compensation you obtain via workers’ comp or personal injury claim can make all the difference for you and your family.

The days and weeks after a work-related injury are not the time to “tough it out” or keep showing up due to a sense of pride. Workers’ compensation exists to protect injured workers and you should not have to bear the burden of medical expenses and lost wages alone for an accident you did not cause.

How To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim Following An Injury

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Filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is relatively simple from a mechanical sense. It involves filling out paperwork and submitting it on time. The difficulty comes in meeting all the specific deadlines, gathering the information necessary to accurately fill out the claim, and having the proper evidence to bolster the claim. This is why workers’ compensation claims are best left to knowledgeable workplace injury lawyers.

A skilled lawyer will be strategic in when and how they go about filing your claim. Due to issues of insurance subrogation and how workers’ compensation benefits can impact any other available compensation, the timing can be critical in maximizing the resources you have available to make a recovery and take care of your family.

You have enough on your plate after an injury or illness. The last thing you need to do is attempt to jump through the legal hoops of Minnesota’s or Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation system. We can handle it for you with no upfront cost to you. We handle workers’ comp and personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t’ pay any attorney fees unless and until you are compensated for your work injury.

The workers’ compensation process can be confusing, frustrating and downright cruel for injured workers. As if recovering from your injury and trying to make your dwindling funds last isn’t challenging enough, you’re expected to jump through the legal hoops of your state’s workers’ compensation system.

Hiring a work accident lawyer simplifies the process for injured workers while simultaneously increasing their odds of maximizing their benefits. The process will usually result in a settlement agreement between the injured worker and the workers’ compensation insurance provider of their employer. Some claims are initially denied, resulting in the need to appeal. At Nicolet Law Office, we can guide you at every stage of the compensation claim process, and we will help you seek the maximum allowable compensation benefits. We only collect a fee once you receive the workers’ comp benefits you need.

At all points of the workers’ compensation process, you’ll hear a lot about insurance companies, insurance claims, insurance subrogation and other insurance-related issues. That’s because insurance plays a crucial role for employers and employees when it comes to workplace injuries.

Employers in Wisconsin and Minnesota are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect injured workers from the devastating financial consequences of their injuries. Despite the presence of such coverage, employers and their insurers will still go to great lengths to deny workers’ compensation claims or provide lowball benefits that leave injured workers and their families holding the bag.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer For A Workplace Accident Claim

Personal Injury Claim in Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits play a crucial role in making sure injured workers have the resources they need to make ends meet and care for their families. Unfortunately, they are lacking in one area: they do not provide the injured with any compensation for the pain and suffering they experienced in an accident. A personal injury lawsuit can bridge that gap, providing compensation for pain and suffering for those who suffered traumatic injuries in accidents through no fault of their own.

It’s important to have an attorney on your side equipped to handle your workers’ compensation claim as well as any potential third-party personal injury claims that arise from your injuries. A third-party personal injury claim allows an injured worker to sue any other negligent party or parties who could be held responsible for causing the accident or injuries. For example, a third party could be a negligent driver who causes a car accident while a worker is driving as part of their job or a property owner who has created an unsafe work environment.

Receiving workers’ compensation benefits forfeits your right to pursue further financial damages from your employer, making it critical to identify all potential third-party liability so you can maximize the compensation you receive.

The experienced injury attorneys at our law firm will investigate the circumstances of your accident and gather evidence that can be used to bolster a third-party personal injury claim in addition to your workers’ comp claim. Possible third parties include property owners, product manufacturers and subcontractors.

The Representation You Need For Work Injury Lawsuit

You don’t have to bear the burden of your injuries alone, and you don’t have to navigate the legal process alone. The proven workplace injury attorneys at Nicolet Law are here to help you get the medical treatment you need and make things right for you and your loved ones. Speak to a workers’ compensation attorney today by calling us toll-free at 1-855-NICOLET or, if you prefer, send us an email to arrange a consultation.