Attorney Referrals

We accept referrals in the following practice areas: 

  • Car & motor vehicle accidents & injuries
  • Truck or 18wheeler accidents & injuries
  • Catastrophic injuries and wrongful death
  • Slip and fall & premises liability 
  • Workers compensation
  • Dog bite injuries
  • ATV & 4wheeler accidents & injuries

There are many reasons a lawyer or law firm may choose not to represent an individual in a case or cannot move forward as a client’s legal representation in their current case. Maybe your firm is worried about the resources necessary to take on a deep-pocketed defendant, or your client has an excellent workers’ comp or personal injury case and your firm doesn’t handle those types of cases.

While it may not happen often, you want a plan for when it does. B2B attorney referrals allow you to refer clients to a knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney and firm when needed without closing their doors to other options. Clients will remember that you kept their best interests a priority, and you helped them even if your office chose not to take or continue with a case personally. Additionally, at Nicolet Law we love to co-counsel with other attorneys who want to bring in a firm like ours that focuses on injury law cases.

If You Need an Experienced and Professional Law Firm to Refer Your Personal Injury Case, Contact Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers

Our attorneys and staff and Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers appreciate it when another firm chooses to refer their clients to us. We understand how difficult it can be to realize you must refer a client to another firm for their case to move forward successfully.

As a lawyer, you work hard to help those in your community, but sometimes a case beyond your expertise or the firm’s resources may come across your door. If this happens, contact Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers. We can work with you to provide professional, knowledgeable, and experienced legal representation to a client in a personal injury matter to help them get the compensation they deserve.

Successful Results for Clients of Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers

You know that making a referral is not a matter of just opening up a search engine on the internet and checking who is nearby. It is a thorough and calculated decision that you must take seriously to protect your reputation and your relationship with the referring client.

At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have helped many clients with their personal injury matters to reach favorable resolutions in their cases and compensation for the harm they have suffered at the hands of negligent individuals and entities.

When you refer a client to us, you refer them to a firm with experience and knowledge in personal injury matters and the resources to fight for their rights against insurance companies and at-fault parties.

What Other Attorneys Say About Our Approach To Referrals

“As an attorney, I want to make sure that when I refer a case outside my area of expertise, the client is in good hands. I look for three qualities in attorneys I am considering for a referral: 1) Expertise in the areas of law they practice, 2) Their ability to communicate effectively yet compassionately with clients who are experiencing trying times, and last but not least, 3) Their ability to get MAXIMUM results. I recommend Russell Nicolet for all of your Personal Injury and Bankruptcy needs for exactly these reasons.” – Referring Attorney

An Example Of How We Work With Referring Attorneys

Here is a common example involving bankruptcy and divorce: These two issues often go hand in hand, as the financial turmoil of divorce can lead to a bankruptcy filing. When a client goes to a family law attorney, the client may not consider this fact or realize the ways that bankruptcy can help. In these situations, our peers who practice family law (but not bankruptcy) have sent clients to our firm so that we can help with the bankruptcy process while they focus on the divorce case. Our attorneys handle the debt issues; they handle family law issues.

By working together like this, we help to ensure that your clients receive the full-service representation they need while preserving the trust and attorney-client relationship you worked so hard to build.

Examples of outcomes for clients of Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers include:

  • $1.2 million recovery for a young victim with severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident
  • $1.1 million outcome for a car accident victim in Northern Wisconsin
  • $1.05 million recovery for a pedestrian suffering injuries from a traffic accident

How Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers Can Help You If You Need to Refer a Case

As a referring attorney to us at Nicolet Law, you may wonder how referring a case to us will benefit you and the client.

Referring cases to us for further legal assistance will:

Keep Your Clients & Potential Clients Happy

At the root of your motivation to refer a case to another firm is your willingness to help and satisfy a client’s needs. B2B lawyer referrals are a way for a lawyer or firm to help prospective clients without necessarily representing them.

Although you may not take on their case or may co-counsel with Nicolet Law on their case, they will know you did what you could to seek the successful outcome they need and deserve—even if it means sending them to another attorney or simply bringing us on to help.

Referrals allow you to keep customer satisfaction with your offices high and help ensure that word of mouth for your business remains positive.

Provide the Resources to Go up Against Insurers & Big-Name Defendants

After years of experience in personal injury matters and successful outcomes in many cases at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have built a base of resources to take on prominent defendants and complex cases in personal injury matters. An involved case can require significant time and money to represent appropriately. Smaller firms may not have that luxury, and taking on a case beyond its capacity which can result in less than what is fair for an injured client. 

Save You Money and Time

When you do not have prior experience in an area of the law, everything takes more time. Time is money and every minute spent trying to figure out a case you are not familiar with is a minute you are losing that you could spend your efforts representing clients in the area of the law and cases you are most comfortable with.

By strategically referring a case to another firm, you free up your time and money to take on more cases you want to represent, and additionally can even earn fees in a referral fee/co-counsel relationship with Nicolet Law as allowed per the rules of professional conduct.

Bring Referrals Back to You—They Are a Two-Way Street

When you refer clients to Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers or any other firm, you build your reputation and relationships with our law offices. These relationships will, in turn, benefit you when a case may come across another firm that it feels it cannot do justice to. Staying relevant and known within the community will ultimately benefit you when firms reciprocate your referrals and also refer clients to you. 

Referring Clients to Attorneys Closer to Them

A common frustration with clients or potential clients can be their distance to a law office and their troubles getting to and from consultations when they are too far from a firm’s location. The closer a client is to their lawyer, the easier it can be to manage a case and allow for quicker resolution of issues when they come up in the case. At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we have offices conveniently located across the Midwest.

We currently have offices in each of the following cities:

  • Eau Claire
  • Green Bay
  • Hudson
  • La Crosse
  • Madison
  • New Richmond
  • Milwaukee
  • Rice Lake
  • River Falls
  • Superior
  • Wausau
  • Duluth
  • Hibbing
  • Minneapolis
  • Rochester
  • St. Paul
  • Rochester
  • Woodbury
  • Fargo
  • Williston
  • Minot
  • Bismarck

Let’s Talk About Referrals

If you would like to discuss the possibility of a case referral, please feel free to connect with us online or call us at 1-855-NICOLET. We look forward to talking about how we can work together to help your clients address all of their legal needs.

At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, We Value and Appreciate Attorney Referrals

There is no greater compliment than when another attorney or business refers clients to our offices. We take pride in our work and will work hard to represent any client referred to us.