Workers’ Compensation Stories

Gregory B.
"I have worked with Russell and his staff on numerous cases, developed plans to help personal injury clients, Workers' Compensation cases and injury settlements. I have seldom worked with an attorney firm with as much integrity and heart as Mr. Nicolet. I have developed a great friendship and trust in his firm regrading legal matters and recommend him to anyone who needs help."

Fighting For Our Client After Manual Labor Leads To Back Surgery

It doesn’t take long for a worker performing heavy manual labor to start experiencing the consequences of this challenging occupation. It doesn’t take years or decades of wear and tear to add up to strained muscles, torn ligaments or spinal cord damage. One of our clients, a younger man with back problems, endured multiple fusions and surgeries due to his work in heavy manual labor. With our guidance and representation, he was approved for benefits at the hearing level.

After Being Denied Benefits, A Worker Came To Us For Results

A worker suffered a foot injury while on the job and was ultimately denied workers’ compensation benefits. Fearing a difficult financial future, the worker sought out our firm. We battled on his behalf throughout the process and recorded a serious victory – reaching a settlement to receive over 95 percent of the total value for lost wages and permanent disability with all medical expenses paid.

The Employer Failed To Follow Light Duty Rules. Then We Stepped In.

An employee was injured at work and eventually was allowed to return to the job with light-duty restrictions in place. Unfortunately, the employer failed to follow the light-duty restrictions and made the employee do a different type of work. This led to the workers’ comp insurer denying permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits.

This wasn’t right, so we stepped in and were able to not only get the employee the lost wages (for the time frame during which the employer failed to follow the light-duty restrictions) but also got his PPD covered with additional funds to cover future medical care.

Insurance Company Denied Everything, But We Still Got Our Client Benefits.

After an employee suffered a head injury at work, the workers’ comp insurance company denied everything and would not grant any benefits to the worker. We were able to get all of the employee’s out-of-pocket medical expenses covered and made sure that he was paid all of his lost wages. In the end, extra money was even leftover for him. He was very pleased that we were able to take the case from no benefits at all to extra money in his pocket.

Denied Benefits, He Turned To Nicolet Law For Help

An employee was denied any permanent partial disability (PPD) for his back injury. Not satisfied with this result, he turned to our firm to get help. We worked with his doctors and a vocational expert to build a strong case for the employee, and we were able to get him in excess of $50,000 for the injury.

His Employer Failed To Report His Injury So We Helped Him Fight For Benefits

A construction worker was injured on the job and his general contractor did not report the injury. He spoke with our office months afterward, and we were able to file a claim on his behalf, have his doctor draft the reports we needed, and, with some arm twisting, got the insurance company to pay him all of his benefits.