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When accident injuries result from someone else's negligence or wrongdoing, victims have the right to pursue compensation for their losses with the help of an Iowa personal injury lawyer.

Nicolet Law is committed to advocating for the rights of accident victims and helping them get the justice they deserve.

With a long track record of successful settlements and litigation, our experienced attorneys are ready to help you recover medical expenses, lost income, and future care costs.

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Iowa Personal Injury Guide

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Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers offer unparalleled insights into local laws and procedures.

With extensive experience in the Iowa court system, we have a deep understanding of how to navigate the complexities of personal injury cases in the Hawkeye State.

As a family-owned and operated law firm, we treat every client like one of our own.

You can count on our personal injury lawyers in Iowa to fight tirelessly for your best interests while providing personalized attention and support throughout the legal process.

Our Iowa offices in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids provide clients with seasoned litigators, aggressive negotiators, and compassionate advocates.

One call, email, or chat message to our team is all it takes to begin the fight for full and fair compensation.

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What Accidents Occur in Iowa?

Car Accidents

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Car accidents are common in the Hawkeye state, with thousands of crashes reported each year.

These accidents can result in severe injuries and even death for drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Our car accident attorneys in Iowa have extensive experience representing victims of car accidents and are dedicated to holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

We've helped clients recover damages for current and future medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

Truck Accidents

Iowa is a major thoroughfare for commercial trucks hauling goods across the country. Unfortunately, this means an increased risk of truck accidents on Iowa roads.

Due to the sheer size and weight of commercial vehicles, these accidents can cause catastrophic injuries.

Our truck accident lawyers in Iowa have in-depth knowledge of federal and state regulations governing commercial trucking and will fight for those injured in these accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Iowa is one of the best states for motorcycle enthusiasts, but unfortunately, it also sees a high number of motorcycle accidents each year.

These accidents can result in severe injuries and even death for riders due to their lack of protection compared to other vehicles on the road.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Iowa understand the unique challenges bikers face and are dedicated to helping them recover compensation for their losses.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Iowa property owners must maintain state regulated standards to keep public and private premises safe for visitors.

When they fail to do so, this can lead to slip and fall accidents that result in serious injuries.

Our premises liability lawyers in Iowa know how to hold negligent property owners, maintenance companies, and municipalities accountable and secure compensation for slip and fall victims.

Dog Bites

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Over a third of Iowa residents own a dog. While most of these pets are friendly, dog bites and attacks can still occur.

Victims of dog bites may suffer physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial losses.

Owners are responsible for their pets' actions regardless of the overall or usual demeanor of the dog's breed.

Our personal injury lawyers in Iowa have experience handling complex dog bite cases and can help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents

Often touted as the World Capital of Bike Trails, Iowa attracts cyclists of all levels but also sees a high number of bicycle accidents each year.

These accidents can result in severe injuries and even death for riders who share the road with larger vehicles.

Our bicycle accident lawyers in Iowa protect the rights of injured bicyclists and will work tirelessly to help you get back on your feet after a severe collision or dooring incident.

Pedestrian Accidents

Walking around enjoying life shouldn't cause you concern. However, pedestrian accidents in Iowa often result in catastrophic injuries or death.

When a car, bike, truck, or falling debris injures you while walking or running on Iowa's roads and sidewalks, our Iowa personal injury lawyers are here to help you seek justice and compensation.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when someone else's negligence caused their death.

Our wrongful death attorneys in Iowa understand the devastating impact of these cases and will provide compassionate support while fighting for justice on behalf of your loved one.

Note: In the most recent year for which the Iowa Department of Transportation has released statistics, the state saw 52,819 total motor vehicle accidents involving 118,591 people and 89,608. Those accidents left 377 dead, 1,386 seriously injured, and at least 6,427 others with minor injuries.

Where Do Accidents Occur in Iowa?

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It is an unfortunate reality that accidents can occur anytime and anyplace in Iowa, especially:

  • Intersections: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 40% of motor vehicle accidents occur at intersections. Drivers who run red lights, fail to yield or make illegal turns can cause serious accidents with other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Highways: With over 3,600 miles of highways in Iowa, this is a common location for car and truck accidents. Excessive speed, distracted driving, and reckless behavior contribute to these high-speed collisions.
  • Road construction zones: Construction zones are hazardous for drivers and workers alike. Accidents occur due to inadequate warning signs, debris on the road, or improper traffic control, either through driver error or construction company negligence.
  • Dog parks and public areas: Despite leash laws protecting individuals from dog attacks in public places, they still occur. Owners who fail to properly restrain their dogs or ignore aggressive behavior are often found liable for any injuries caused by their pets.
  • Slippery surfaces: Icy sidewalks, wet floors in stores and restaurants, and poorly maintained walkways can all lead to slip and fall accidents. Serious injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, and spinal cord damage are usually the result of these accidents.

No matter where your injuries occurred, seeking legal representation from a Nicolet Law personal injury attorney in Iowa is essential for holding responsible parties legally and financially accountable.

Do I Have A Valid Personal Injury Claim in Iowa?

What Causes Accidents in Iowa?

The Nicolet Law team is well-equipped to evaluate the details of your case and help determine if you have a valid personal injury claim.


Generally, valid claims include accidents involving:

  • Negligent or reckless driving
  • Defective products
  • Inadequately maintained premises
  • Medical malpractice
  • Animal attacks
  • Construction site accidents

If any of these factors contributed to your accident, our Iowa personal injury attorneys can pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Statute of Limitations

A personal injury claim is only valid if filed within the statute of limitations. In Iowa, this is generally two years from the accident date.

However, some exceptions and variations apply depending on the age of the victim, type of claim, and other circumstances. 

Consult a personal injury lawyer in Iowa as soon as possible after an accident to file your claim within the appropriate time frame.

Evidence Needed to Support Your Claim

The more evidence proving your accident and injuries resulted from someone else's negligence, the stronger a personal injury claim grows.

Essential evidence that can support your case include:

  • Medical records and bills
  • Photos or videos from the accident scene
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports
  • Employment and wage records (if seeking compensation for lost wages)

At Nicolet Law, we understand that the devastation of an accident doesn't always make it easy for victims to gather evidence.

Fortunately, as your highly-rated legal advocates, we can handle the investigative process on your behalf. Our team will work diligently to gather evidence and build a strong case to support your personal injury claim in Iowa.

How Much Is My Iowa Personal Injury Case Worth?

What affects the value of an Iowa personal injury claim?

Understandably, accident victims want to know how much their case is worth before taking the next steps.

Factors that can influence the value of a personal injury claim in Iowa include:

  • The severity and extent of your injuries
  • Medical expenses and future treatment needs
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Comparative fault (if you were also partially responsible for the accident)
  • Impact on your daily life, including physical limitations and emotional distress

Our personal injury lawyers are happy to discuss how these factors could affect the value of your case during a free consultation.

How much do personal injury accidents cost in Iowa?

To accurately assess the value of your personal injury claim, our Iowa accident will consider the current and future costs of injuries, which could include:

  • Emergency Medical Treatment: The average cost of an ER Visit in Iowa is $1,500. This does not include ambulance or paramedic costs, which can easily exceed $5,000.
  • Overnight Hospital Stay: The average cost per night at an Iowa hospital is $1,861. Even a few nights after a severe accident can total thousands of dollars. When more catastrophic brain or spinal cord injuries require an extended stay, it's not uncommon for bills to exceed $100,000
  • Broken Bone Treatment: Surgical repair costs for broken bones sustained in auto, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents range from $15,000 to $25,000 per bone. In cases where multiple bones are broken, the cost can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Catastrophic Injury Treatment: Spinal cord damage and blunt force head trauma are catastrophic injuries requiring extensive medical treatment, ongoing care, and rehabilitation. Upfront costs for these injuries can exceed $250,000, while lifetime costs can total $1 to more than $3 million.
  • Neck and Back Injury Costs: Soft tissue injuries in the neck, back, and spine are common in car accidents. These can range from minor strains and sprains to more severe conditions like herniated discs or nerve damage. By the time full injuries manifest and receive treatment, it's not uncommon for the costs to exceed $25,000.

The lost income and earning potential from these injuries only add to the financial burden. With over a third of Iowa residents living paycheck to paycheck, a serious personal injury can wreak havoc on the ability to support loved ones or build a comfortable future.

Add in the treatment costs for emotional trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), accident-related phobias, and mental health counseling, and the expenses only continue to grow.

Our goal at Nicolet Law is to help victims receive compensation for their financial losses and ensure they are fully compensated for emotional distress and other non-economic damages.

To accurately assess your case's value, get your free consultation with Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers.

Our Practice Areas

Nicolet Law is a growing multistate law firm in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

Our attorneys have experience handling personal injury cases in the following practice areas:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian & bicycle accidents
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Dog bites
  • UTV accidents
  • Wrongful death
  • Workplace injuries
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect

Are you unsure if your case falls under one of these practice areas? Chat with our legal team online 24/7 to learn how we can help you.

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