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Traffic accidents in Milwaukee are no small matter; in 2020 alone, police reported over 17,000 car crashes in the area, with over 7,000 hit and runs.

If you’ve noticed an increase in dangerous road conditions, reckless driving, and a growing concern for your safety and that of others over recent years, you’re not alone.

Intersections such as 27th and Center Street and narrow corridors on the I-94 and I-35 have developed a reputation for car accidents and, even more concerning, accident-related fatalities.

We know that an accident can be a devastating crisis for you and your family and that a sea of medical bills, insurance claims, and personal losses can seem overwhelming.

Seeing yourself in the future, past these events and the stress accompanying them means having the resources and support to let you focus on your recovery.

If you suffered a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, or a slip and fall incident that led to personal injury in Milwaukee, you'll want a trusted law firm to get you the fair treatment and compensation you deserve.

Milwaukee personal injury attorneys at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers have combined decades of experience and a commitment to serving the community and delivering accessible and trustworthy legal aid to residents.

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Why Choose Us

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If you’ve suffered an accident in Milwaukee, you’ll need the support of an attorney that can fight for you while you prioritize your health, your recovery, and the care and attention of your loved ones.

At Nicolet Law, we believe that your needs come first and that the last thing you need after an accident is to be mired in endless paperwork and confusing protocols, only to be rewarded with less than your fair share of financial compensation.

Our seasoned attorneys are dedicated to helping you navigate the legal process with every tool at our disposal and seeing your case through from start to finish.

Throughout the history of our practice, Nicolet Law has been recognized by several leading third-party organizations and nominated for numerous awards on both a national and local level.

Our stellar reviews and more than $50 million in total recovered compensation for our clients will attest to just how far we’re willing to go for your recovery and success.

These are just some of the ways our attorneys have helped accident victims recover what they rightfully deserved:

  • $200,000 when a slip and fall victim was offered only $5,000 from her insurance company
  • $1,000,000 when a client was injured in her company vehicle by another driver who was driving recklessly and ran stop-sign. 
  • Full payment of medical bills, vehicle repair, and pain and suffering when an uninsured woman was denied compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company in a collision

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help ease the frustration and suffering after an accident by backing you with the full power of the law and the experience necessary to fight for your case.

Having a dedicated attorney from our legal team substantially increases your likelihood of receiving more compensation in your personal injury case.

A personal injury attorney can also help you:

  • Navigate the claims process
  • Compile evidence and witness statements to strengthen your case
  • Identify the at-fault parties and other factors that may influence your claim
  • Provide you representation and intercede on your behalf to the insurance companies

For your convenience, we are also available virtually and can schedule an appointment with you from the comfort of your home, office, or hospital room.

Give us a call today and find out what Nicolet Law can do for you to protect your rights, meet your needs, and pursue your claim.

Injured in Milwaukee? Get Nicolet.

Results At Nicolet Law

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"Lindsay gave the best, consistent communication through the whole process and made it clear that my voice was respected and I was in good hands. At the end of the day, I had final say on the action taken, and with her help I feel supported and more hopeful. Great experience with her from start to finish!!!!"
Deanna S.
"Russell Nicolet represented me for a personal injury case. He was kind, compassionate, and professional. He made my concerns his concerns. He was quick to respond to my calls and emails. He kept me up to date on the progress of the case. Every interaction with Russel and his staff was a positive experience. If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, I highly recommend Russell, or his colleagues at Nicolet Law."

How Much Is My Milwaukee Personal Injury Case Worth?

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The compensation awarded after an accident will vary depending on several factors. Therefore no lawyer can predict exactly what your case is worth. Wisconsin is an at-fault state, meaning that compensation can come in the form of punitive or compensatory damages or both.

Compensatory damages

These are meant to restore the accident victim to the same state, financially, as before the incident occurred. They reimburse you for the losses you sustained due to the accident, plus non-economic losses such as pain and suffering.

Punitive damages

These are awarded to punish the at-fault party and discourage the behavior that led to the accident, such as drunk driving.

They are not as common as compensatory damages and are awarded only in instances where the court determines that the defendant exhibited particularly egregious or reckless behavior.

Punitive damages awarded in a personal injury case also require that “intentional disregard for the safety or rights of others” be proven. These damages are capped at $200,000 or double the compensatory damages.

The court, insurance companies, and your attorney will calculate the damages involved in a personal injury claim and work to agree on a settlement offer. The compensation available to you following this determination will typically fall into the following categories:

Medical bills

This includes compensation for doctor visits, hospital care, emergency services, medications, surgeries, and assistive medical devices. If your situation requires ongoing care, such as physical therapy, sustained treatment from a health professional, or assistance from a caretaker, you may add these costs to your settlement.

Property damage

This may include damage to your vehicle if you were involved in a car accident or an accident with another moving vehicle (such as a bicycle or snowmobile) or residential property damage (such as your home or driveway).

Lost income and lost earning potential

Damages incurred in the form of lost wages include income that you missed while recovering from your accident. Lost earning potential refers to wages that you may potentially not receive in the future if your accident has left you with such impairment to the degree that you are unable to return to work in some capacity.

Pain and suffering

This includes damages that are more subjective and harder to quantify yet nonetheless wreak suffering on the victim following an accident.

These include emotional distress, loss of enjoyment and quality of life, or loss of a limb. In the tragic outcome of a wrongful death, they may also include loss of companionship or loss of consortium.

At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we understand that you can’t put a price on what matters most to you. However, with the help of a skilled personal injury attorney, you can receive fair treatment and the strongest possible chance of a positive resolution.

Our law firm stands by you, and our attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to pursue your claim diligently to deliver you the compensation you deserve.

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Studies show that nationwide, traffic accidents are on the rise. While the number of overall traffic accidents in Milwaukee has decreased, the accidents that do happen have generally become more dangerous.

In 2020, a record-breaking 107 traffic fatalities were recorded. Many such motor vehicle accidents occur on the freeway, where large trucking vehicles and narrow shoulders can make for dangerous conditions.

If your daily commute involves crossing the Fond du Lac and Capitol Drive intersection on the North Side or driving up 27th Street in Midtown, you’ve probably seen other drivers engage in questionable driving practices.

These include distracted driving, drunk driving, and what’s now known as the ‘Milwaukee slide,’ a dangerous maneuver used to cross traffic on the right, sometimes even using the shoulder or bike lane to do so. Pedestrian accidents are also commonplace in areas with heavy traffic congestion, such as State Highway 145.

Many Wisconsinites enjoy trail-riding on snowmobiles, ATVs, or side-by-sides, depending on the season. However, these activities can also lead to accidents and injury, especially when alcohol is involved. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reports that alcohol is involved in at least three-quarters of snowmobile-related fatalities.

Side-by-sides are another type of off-road vehicle that is particularly fast, heavy, and prone to roll-over accidents involving serious injury.

These vehicles are also sometimes involved in collisions with road vehicles. They may legally be operated by those without a driver's license (provided they have completed an ATV-UTV certification course), making it more likely that lack of experience could contribute to an accident when operating them.

Wisconsin also has unique laws that affect personal injury claims like these and many more. For example, under the Wisconsin statute of limitations, you have three years following the date of the incident to pursue a claim.

However, a minor involved in a car accident has up to two years following their 18th birthday to do so. Consult an attorney as soon as possible following an accident so you can learn about these details and any other local laws that may affect your case.

Your Milwaukee personal injury lawyers at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers have the experience and in-depth knowledge of Wisconsin law to help you navigate a personal injury claim as no one else can.

With over fifteen years of experience serving Wisconsin, we understand that your unique case requires the specialized experience and legal expertise that our law firm provides.

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Every accident is unique and will require a specialized approach to acquiring evidence, constructing a claim, and negotiating the settlement process.

For example, a case that involves a vehicle losing brake power and rear-ending another car due to a manufacturer’s defect will require a different approach than a pedestrian accident due to a drunk driver.

The more factors involved in your case, the more you need the legal services of a skilled personal injury attorney who understands how different types of accidents will affect your case.

Our law firm has successfully represented Milwaukee accident victims in:

The nature and severity of your injuries sustained in your accident will also play a role in your claim and the compensation you potentially receive. Even seemingly minor injuries can impact a case and your quality of life after an accident, leaving you with lasting damage.

You may also recover worker's compensation if you sustained these injuries due to a work-related accident.

A skilled Milwaukee personal injury lawyer can help you understand your options and help you pursue the one that will most benefit you and place you in the best position to continue your life after the accident.

Some of the most common injuries sustained by victims of car crashes and other accidents in Milwaukee are:

  • Concussion, head trauma, and brain injury
  • Whiplash and spinal cord damage
  • Muscle, ligament, and tendon injury
  • Burns, lacerations, and cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limb or amputation
  • Internal bleeding
  • Wrongful death

Any accident can cause physical injuries, emotional distress, pain, suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of your life, work, and other activities, so they rightfully affect your case.

In many cases, insured drivers who only possess bodily injury liability coverage find that the maximum payout from these policies will not cover the injuries they sustained in a car accident. In these situations, a personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation that an insurance provider cannot.

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Fighting the Insurance Company

Almost every personal injury claim will involve negotiating with insurance carriers. Following an accident, adjusters from you and the other parties' insurance providers will assess the damages and determine what settlement amount they're willing to pay out to the injured party.

However, these initial settlement offers may leave you wondering how you will manage to pay your medical expenses and provide for yourself while recuperating from your injuries.

Often, the amount offered to you will not include costs for potential ongoing treatment you may need or account for the additional strain on your family caused by an accident that disrupts not only your life but the lives of others. Insurance companies are well-known for finding ways to devalue a claim and protect their interests, not their policyholders.

After the insurance company offers a settlement, negotiations will begin with your lawyer responding with a demand letter to the insurer.

Your attorney, the insurance providers, and the court will further negotiate the final settlement amount. Many personal injury cases settle out of court, but that doesn't mean that they happen quickly or land in the victim's favor, especially should an individual choose to go after the insurance company without the backing of an attorney who can intercede for them.

In most cases, injury victims pursuing a fair settlement offer on their own will not be successful, as they lack the legal expertise and thorough knowledge of how these proceedings work to fight the insurance companies and win. If you've sustained injuries from your accident, you will also need to consider how your recovery affects your ability to handle the complex nature of a personal injury case.

You must know exactly what steps will build a strong case and negotiate a fair settlement value.

A personal injury law firm can intercede on your behalf to get fair compensation, provide representation, and protect your legal rights. With Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, you know you have a powerful ally by your side who will fight to bring you fair compensation.

What to Do After an Accident

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After an accident, prioritize your health and safety. Protect your information and any evidence related to the incident so your lawyer can use it to build your case.

By procuring documentation of the accident, seeking medical attention, and contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible, you are doing everything in your power to lay the groundwork for your physical and financial recovery.

Immediately following an accident, remain calm and attend to your medical needs and safety by calling 911 or emergency medical services if necessary. If the accident involves a car or other moving vehicle, stop at or near the scene whenever possible while ensuring that your vehicle does not block traffic or endanger others in some way.

If you can, take photos of the accident and related damage to the vehicles involved immediately after it happens. However, if there is a fire or an immediate risk of danger at the accident scene, make sure you prioritize getting yourself to safety.

You should then exchange information with the other person involved, including names, phone numbers, insurance information, and license and registration numbers. You must also report the accident to your insurance company. Failure to do this could result in your insurance claim being denied.

In the case of a minor fender-bender, it may be tempting to discuss making a cash deal with the other person. However, this can leave you liable for damages in the future and could seriously complicate your case down the road.

Avoid discussing who is at fault for the accident with the other person while at the scene, as this could implicate you later on.

If the police do not respond to an initial 911 call or do not arrive at the scene of the accident in time, you should attempt to file an accident report at the nearest police station and obtain copies of these records.

Finally, ensure that you seek the necessary medical attention immediately after the accident and in the subsequent weeks.

Some injuries appear immediately, while others may take longer to manifest symptoms. This is especially the case with certain types of internal injuries; failing to check back with your medical provider to address them may create a future preventable emergency that could leave you with further complications.

Follow your healthcare provider's advice and treatment plans; this is vital for your recovery and ensuring that non-compliance issues do not jeopardize your insurance claim.

Maintain as much documentation and records as possible, including receipts, doctor's notes, police reports, photos of the accident, and your written testimonies.

You'll need all this important information to present to and discuss with your attorney. Conversely, make sure you do not discuss the accident or share details surrounding it with others, including the other driver, witnesses, or the insurance company, before speaking to your lawyer.

The sooner you can consult our qualified personal injury attorneys, the more likely you’ll build a strong case in your favor, and the quicker you and your attorney will work toward its resolution.

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How a Nicolet Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Russell Nicolet
Russell Nicolet, Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorney

If an accident injures you, we can help you. An experienced personal injury attorney at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers can discuss your options and the resources we can provide to seek the compensation you need and deserve.

Call our office at (414) 260-2220 or contact us online for your consultation and free case evaluation with our experienced Milwaukee personal injury lawyers today.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you are aware of all about the stress, physical toll, emotional damage, and financial difficulty an injury can cause for your family and well-being.

Accidents and injuries are unpredictable and can completely disrupt your life. It can create a lot of work and anxiety to seek medical treatment, talk with insurance companies, miss out on work, and deal with the pain on top of everything else in life adds insult to injury.

If you or a family member has sustained injury due to another’s negligence, a Milwaukee personal injury attorney can help you recover financial compensation for those losses.

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