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If you are a Wisconsin worker who suffered an injury while on the job, you may file a worker’s compensation claim with your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance claims are confusing and difficult to navigate successfully without a worker’s compensation lawyer.

After a work accident, contact a Wisconsin worker’s compensation attorney at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers to discuss how they can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an accident at work, make sure you do everything you can to get the medical care you need and financial compensation you deserve. An experienced lawyer can help you during this difficult time, regardless of what type of work accident caused your injuries.

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How Common Are On-the-Job Injuries in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Work Injury Attorneys

Work injuries that can give rise to worker’s compensation claims happen each day. On-the-job accidents can result in serious to fatal injuries. In a given year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over 2.8 million people will suffer an injury while at work and over 5,000 individuals will lose their lives due to a work accident.

While many of these injuries can be minor and result in just a few days of lost work for some victims, the injuries they suffer in a work-related incident can change the course of their life and cause extreme hardships on their ability to earn an income and in their physical and mental capabilities. Worker’s compensation insurance allows workers to file a claim for certain losses and damages they sustain when injured on the job.

Wisconsin laws require that the vast majority of businesses that employ individuals must carry some form of worker’s compensation insurance. In most cases, when a worker suffers an accident at work, the company’s worker’s compensation insurance is available to file a claim.

Worker’s compensation insurance may not apply or a company opts not to carry it. When a worker sustains an injury and worker’s compensation insurance doesn’t cover them, other options may help you recover compensation for your losses.

Each day you face many dangers at work. While you may take precautions to avoid preventable accidents and maintain awareness of the dangers you know of, there are some scenarios in which you may be unaware of the risks present within your workplace.

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, but the reality is you can suffer a serious injury at any job. Each workplace has many moving parts and risks that are present on any given day. As a worker, you do your best to avoid injuries that would put your health and safety at risk, but unfortunately, sometimes you are a victim of a combination of dangerous circumstances that cause you harm.

The severity of your injuries does not only affect your physical health but can also affect your mental and emotional state. Beyond your wellbeing, injuries will reduce your ability to function as you did before an accident. This can hurt your ability to earn a living if you can't do your job as before or if you cannot continue in your position due to the demands of the job and the challenges of your injury.

Some victims of minor to moderate workplace injury might return to work after rehabilitation and recovery. Your employer may need to accommodate your new needs. However, individuals that suffer serious to catastrophic injuries while on the job may never fully recover from their injuries. These victims will suffer permanent disabilities that will prevent them from ever working again.

The most common causes of workplace injuries include:

What Are the Most Common Causes of Work-Related Injuries
  • Overexertion or repetitive use injuries - Workers that must lift heavy objects, materials, or equipment as part of their day-to-day work duties are at risk of injuries due to overuse or strains from overexertion. Oftentimes, these are back or muscular injuries that can require rehabilitation and surgical intervention for serious injuries.
  • Slips and falls - This cause of injuries in the workplace is responsible for not only many of the severe injuries of workers hurt on the job, but also many of the fatalities. Positions that require employees to work at significant heights increase the likelihood of a life-threatening injury should a slip or fall occur.
  • Defective equipment or products - Each member of the workforce uses their tools of the trade, equipment, or machinery day in and day out to complete their tasks. Unfortunately, some tragic accidents are not due to errors in use by the individual but rather an inherent defect or danger in the product that results in severe or fatal injuries of the worker.
  • Accidents with heavy machinery - A worksite can include a combination of vehicles and machinery moving in and out of tight spaces to transport materials and equipment where needed through busy areas where workers are also present. Accidents that involve heavy machinery are common on worksites and many workers fall victim to these accidents.
  • Falling objects or materials - Head, neck, and spinal cord injuries often result in accidents that involve falling debris, products, or materials onto workers below in a workplace. This is a common accident in warehouses or construction sites where materials and products are kept up high and improperly secured, which can injure those working nearby or below the objects.
  • Exposure to hazardous substances - Depending on your line of work, you may encounter many toxic substances as part of your everyday work. Improper safeguards or safety equipment can cause workers to suffer exposure to these hazards, which can be detrimental to their health if not deadly. While it is common for incidents such as these to result in immediate illness or poisoning, there are some situations where a gradual exposure can cause a long-term or chronic illness to develop over time.
  • Fires or explosions - Factories, construction sites, and other workplaces present a risk of fires and explosions. When these unfortunate and unexpected accidents take place, there is a high risk of life-threatening injuries to all workers on site. Oftentimes, those that survive these horrific accidents face severe burn injuries and deformities.

Can You Sue Your Employer For a Work Injury?

In the majority of cases, the answer to this question is no. The creation and implementation of each state’s worker’s compensation insurance mandates are to protect both workers and employers.

These laws work to shield employers that obtain worker’s compensation insurance from potential lawsuits from their employees for personal injuries due to negligence. In turn, employees have the protection of knowing that when their employer carries worker’s compensation insurance, they can file a claim for certain losses such as medical expenses and a portion of lost wages if they suffer an unexpected injury.

Even in situations where an employer’s actions may have been negligent or reckless due to violations of safety laws, you are not able to sue as a remedy, although Wisconsin worker’s compensation laws will allow you to seek a 15 percent increase in compensation.

Are There Other Parties That Could Owe You for Your Injuries?

Worker’s compensation insurance does shield your employer from legal actions arising from the accident and your injuries, but other parties may owe you compensation depending on the facts of your case. Not all workplace accidents stem from the direct fault of an employer’s actions.

There are situations in which you may suffer an injury when your employer has done everything right. In these cases, you may file a worker’s compensation claim but you also may have other legal remedies available to you under the law. Accidents that occur due to conditions on a property not owned by your employer, equipment malfunctions, or the actions of a third party can also injure workers. In circumstances such as this, these parties do not have the same protection from personal injury claims or lawsuits as an employer. The laws of negligence can apply to your relationship with these other parties.

What Are Some of Your Options to Recover Compensation for Your Losses?

The primary purpose of worker’s compensation insurance is to cover your medical needs and expenses after a workplace injury. Additional compensation can be available for individuals that suffer temporary or permanent disability for their loss of wages as they recover from an injury.

You must follow certain procedures and meet deadlines to seek additional worker’s compensation benefits. The type of disability a worker suffers may limit the duration of benefits and the amount available to them. Even in cases of permanent disability, a worker is unlikely to receive the loss of their full amount of wages but only a percentage of the wages lost during their time of disability.

If another party that is not your employer violates their duty of care to you and causes your injuries in a workplace accident, you may be eligible for additional compensation beyond your worker’s compensation claim. A worker’s compensation claim can cover some of your losses after an accident while on the job, but there are limitations on the types of compensation you can be eligible for as well as the amount of money you can recover. If your case allows you to file suit against a third party for a personal injury claim, you may be able to recover additional damages that can include pain and suffering and loss of future income.

Why Do You Need a Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Attorney?

Why Do You Need a Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Attorney

Many victims of workplace injuries are either unaware they can seek legal assistance to file a worker’s compensation claim or may not fully understand the need for an attorney in this process. Workers that suffer injuries on the job may believe that a worker’s compensation claim is a relatively straightforward process where you let your employer know you suffer an injury while at work and you then receive payments to compensate you for your lost work hours and medical expenses.

While in theory, it should be that simple, in practice it is not. Worker’s compensation insurance claims are complex, tedious and many victims face denials of their claims for errors during the filing of their claim, discrepancies, or insufficient evidence. A lawyer is not just a recommendation but can make the difference between the acceptance or denial of your claim as well as the amount of compensation you will receive for your medical expenses and income losses. Your attorney will make sure you file your worker’s compensation claim on time, accurately and provide the evidence necessary to support your claim.

Victims of work-related accidents that suffer significant injuries that result in any kind of disability or long-term loss of work hours are at risk of losing potential compensation without the assistance of an attorney. Worker’s compensation insurance companies are not easy to deal with and will often not only dispute that your accident took place but also the severity of your injuries and their impacts on your life. A worker’s compensation lawyer can prepare your claim, protect your rights throughout the claims process, and negotiate a settlement that works for you. Contact Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers today.

How to Find the Right Worker's Compensation Lawyers in Wisconsin For Your Needs?

The first step in your search for a lawyer that will meet your needs and give you the best chance at success in your case is to look for a lawyer with experience and background with Wisconsin worker’s compensation claims. Lawyers with general knowledge of the law but no real experience in worker’s compensation cases can do more harm than good for your case. You need an attorney that understands the worker’s compensation process in Wisconsin and how to negotiate the best settlement on your behalf in your claim.

Contact a Wisconsin worker’s compensation attorney at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers. We will offer you a free consultation so that you may discuss your injuries and options to recover compensation for your losses.

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