Were You Injured At Your Factory Job?

Factories and manufacturing plants are dangerous places to work. Despite numerous safeguards, there is still significant risk of injury from equipment, forklifts, harmful substances and more. Not only that, but also there are cumulative injuries that come with performing a physically taxing job day after day.

Injured factory workers are not alone. If you are in this situation, the attorneys at Nicolet Law Office can tell you about the benefits you deserve and then help you through the process to get them. We help injured workers throughout Wisconsin.

Persistent Dangers

Were You Injured At Your Factory Job

Factory workers deal with risk every day, as do people in a variety of industries in Wisconsin. Here are some situations that most commonly lead to injuries in manufacturing jobs:

  • Industrial Equipment
    Workers can lose limbs, break bones or suffer other soft tissue damage.
  • Forklifts
    A common feature of many warehouses and plants, forklifts can result in serious injury when the operators are not paying attention.
  • Toxic Substances
    Accidents can sometimes result in the release of dangerous industrial chemicals.
  • Explosions
    Highly combustible material is common in industrial settings.
  • High Noise Levels
    Workers who are exposed to consistently high-decibel environments can suffer partial or total hearing loss.
  • Overexertion
    The daily stress of lifting heavy loads can lead to long-term disability if left untreated.

Get Compensation For Your Injuries

Even if employers discourage it, workers still have the right to workers’ comp benefits for any injuries they sustain while doing their jobs. Our experienced lawyers will fight to make sure you get the treatment and support you need. Contact us to discuss your situation and get answers to your questions, either online or by phone at 1-855-NICOLET.

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