Injuries From The Trucking Industry

Truck drivers have a grueling job, with long hours on the road, days away from home, and intense physical and psychological demands. It is no coincidence that trucking has one of the highest rates of workers’ compensation claims in the country. At Nicolet Law, our attorneys have the experience you need to get workers’ comp benefits, receive treatment, get well and get back on the road. We serve clients throughout Wisconsin.

Common Reasons For Trucking Injuries

Common Reasons For Trucking Injuries

Truck drivers are injured not only behind the wheel, but also while loading and unloading cargo. The most common reasons for injury include:

  • Vehicle Collisions
    These account for more than half of all trucking injuries.
  • Overexertion
    This is often a result of repeatedly lifting heavy cargo.
  • Falling
    This can happen while making deliveries, loading or entering and exiting the cab.
  • Being Struck By Falling Objects
    Cargo often shifts during the trip and can fall on drivers as they are unloading.
  • Driving Posture
    Truck drivers can feel the cumulative effects of sitting in one position for too long, which can damage the lower back, shoulders and other areas.

Get The Settlement You Need

If you have sustained an injury at your trucking job or in another type of work, the law guarantees a certain amount of support. Our experienced lawyers can make sure that you receive what you deserve. Email us to discuss your situation, or else call our office at 1-855-NICOLET. For more information, please visit our workers’ comp FAQ page.

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