Nicolet Law Scholarship

At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we value the importance of education. We understand the time and dedication it takes to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree. We also understand the tremendous financial strain that college can place on students and their families. In an effort to alleviate some of that financial stress, Nicolet Law has proudly offered the Nicolet Law Scholarship since 2020.

Application rounds for the scholarship are held twice a year, with one scholarship for the spring semester and one scholarship for the fall semester.

Every scholarship round, one deserving student is awarded a $5,000 scholarship for an outstanding video submission that exemplifies what it means to be a Nicolet Law Scholar.

View more details on the scholarship application process below.

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The Nicolet Law Scholarship is currently closed for applications. Thank you to all that sent in submissions. All applications are being reviewed and the winner will be notified via email no later than June 10th. Check this page later for an announcement to view the winner. In the meantime: Be Kind, Do Good.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming fall scholarship application period! This is your chance to enter and have a shot at winning the scholarship. The deadline to submit your application is November 30, 2023. Mark your calendars and get ready to seize this opportunity!

Nicolet Law Scholars

Abigail Sowinski

University of Toledo

Spring 2023 Nicolet Law Scholarship Recipient

“I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for being the recipient of the Nicolet Law Scholarship. It’s not only helping me further my education; it allows me to have time to inspire others. This scholarship is going to help me get through a semester of university without worry and allows me to give more time to my community. Volunteering is a huge passion of mine, especially within the Toledo community. I am eager to give back and this scholarship allows me to explore new opportunities in this realm. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities this scholarship will give me.”

Roshan Adhikari

St. Cloud University

Fall 2022 Nicolet Law Scholarship Recipient

“Being an international student from middle-class family background, and choosing the education and the career journey with various uncertainties in my mind.  Winning the scholarship from the education I have achieved did not just help me to cut off the tuition fee but also helped me to realize my inner potential and motivated me to assure the decision I took on pursuing my career in Filmmaking.”

Jessica Christiansen

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Spring 2022 Nicolet Law Scholarship Recipient

“This scholarship gave me an opportunity to explore more into one of my favorite hobbies – videography. Not many scholarships ask for a video, so I was ecstatic to be able to delve deep into something I’m passionate about. The scholarship helped me during my last semester at college, which was an 18-credit course load. I’m beyond blessed to have been chosen to receive this scholarship and am forever grateful for the help received.”

Davit Azizian

University of Minnesota-Twin Cites

Fall 2022 Nicolet Law Scholarship Recipient

“I would like to say that the Nicolet Law scholarship, with other scholarships I have received, helped me to get into the path of becoming my dream profession- a Lawyer. Personally, for me, as one who is very passionate about becoming a lawyer receiving a scholarship from the law firm is considered the first step into my future career. It is great to record a video thinking about global issues and then send it to the judge of the lawyers from another part of the world. It creates a sense of one global community, a community of present lawyers and future lawyers.”