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Were you injured in a car accident In Minneapolis? Is the insurance company giving you the runaround or pressuring you into taking a settlement offer that's lower than you deserve? Are you facing a long and uphill battle toward recovery? If so, you need an experienced Minneapolis car accident lawyer from Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers on your side.

Let's face it; you shouldn't have to spend your time wondering if you filed the right paperwork or if the insurance company is paying you enough for your personal injury case. That's our job. We want to take the legal burdens off your shoulders, so you can focus on your recovery and on rebuilding your life.

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At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we know the tactics insurance adjusters use to reduce claims. And we fight those tactics every step of the way. Our attorneys build a solid case for our clients so that they can obtain maximum compensation. We do this because we believe that you shouldn't have to shoulder unnecessary financial burdens because of someone else's negligence.

To better assist you during this time, we offer free initial consultations and reviews, so you can get the answers you need—and deserve. We also work on a contingency basis, so hiring us means no upfront costs. Let us help you after a serious Minneapolis car accident. Call us today to learn how we can help you.

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A car accident can upend your life. You may have severe injuries, be unable to work, and find yourself without transportation. Furthermore, your regular bills may continue to come in as you face additional accident-related expenses.

Our Minnesota car accident lawyers have years of experience in personal injury law, proudly serving car accident victims in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers understand the difficulties confronting you and your family. As you fight for compensation, you deserve an award-winning law firm by your side.

Our skilled Minneapolis personal injury attorneys will:

  • Handle your car insurance claims
  • Represent you in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, if necessary
  • Fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible for you
  • Answer all of your questions and guide you through your legal options
  • Regularly update you on your case
  • Communicate with all involved parties so that you can spend your time and energy on healing
  • Help you secure the resources you need to make a full physical and financial recovery

Most of Minnesota's Car Accidents Happen In and Around Minneapolis

Minneapolis Car Accident Attorney

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Hennepin County, home to Minneapolis, has more vehicle accidents than any other county in the state. Recent crash data showed 29,940 crashes occurred in the county. This includes 38 fatal crashes and 5,894 injury crashes. The counties with the next highest number of accidents are Ramsey (9,363) and Dakota (6,768).

A variety of factors contribute to the high number of accidents, including population density and traffic. Many people also commute to Minneapolis from nearby towns, such as Woodbury and Hudson, for work, play, or business. Our attorneys can help you with accidents that happen inside the city or during your commute. Whether you live in Minneapolis or travel to the area from a surrounding community, our team is with you.

Minneapolis Is Home to Some of the Most Dangerous Intersections in the Region

A study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation found that Minneapolis is home to:

  • Three of the state's most dangerous intersections
  • The second-most dangerous intersection overall

Number two on the department's top ten list is Highway 55 and East 26th Street. Number four is at Interstate 95 and Highway 55 at the Olsen/Memphis east ramp, and number eight is at Interstate 95 and Highway 55 at the Olsen/Memphis west ramp.

Rural Roads and Harsh Winter Weather Also Contribute to Minneapolis Accidents

While there are dangerous intersections located in Minneapolis, it may be the rural roadways near the city that pose the biggest threat to drivers. According to the Minnesota Department of Traffic Safety, 70 percent of MN traffic fatalities are rural.

Our Minneapolis Car Accident Attorneys Will Pursue the Cost of Your Medical Care and Other Losses

The compensation you may be able to recover for your car accident injuries generally falls into two categories:

  • Economic damages. These awards compensate you for your out-of-pocket expenses. Such losses can encompass past and future medical treatment, lost wages, future lost earning capacity, and vehicle and personal property damage costs.
  • Non-economic damages. These damages offer compensation for how your injuries hurt your quality of life and well-being. They may include monetary awards for complications like depression, loss of sleep, scarring and disfigurement, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

You May Seek Compensation for the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

If your loved one sustained a fatal car accident injury, you may have the right to seek compensation for their wrongful death. In Minnesota, family members cannot file a wrongful death lawsuit directly. You must petition the court to appoint a trustee to take legal action on your behalf, according to Minn. Stat. § 573.02. Our attorneys can help you with this process.

Wrongful death compensation may include awards for:

  • Your loved one’s medical bills
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • The value of the income, wages, and benefits they would have provided had they lived
  • The loss of your family member’s advice, companionship, services, care, and protection

We Have Helped Car Accident Clients Secure Millions of Dollars in Compensation

Whether through insurance or legal action, we will fight to get the most for your car accident injuries. Our attorneys have helped previous clients recover more than $40 million in settlements and verdicts.

Our successful car accident case results include:

  • A $1.2 million car accident award (offered $50,000 before working with Nicolet Law)
  • A $1.1 million vehicle accident settlement (offered $115,000 before working with Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers)
  • An $815,000 car accident settlement (offered $0 before working with Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers)

While we work to secure every dollar available to you, keep in mind that every car accident case is unique. How much your case is worth will depend on your losses.

If you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident in Minneapolis, Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers can help you recover your damages through an insurance claim or car accident lawsuit. Our Minneapolis car accident lawyers can handle every step of your car accident case. This way, you can focus on healing and caring for your family.

Minnesota's No-Fault Insurance System

Minnesota is a no-fault insurance state, which means drivers must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. If you suffer injuries in a vehicle accident, this insurance covers your medical care and some other losses, regardless of who caused the accident.

According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the state requires that drivers have:

  • A minimum of $40,000 in PIP for one person per accident
  • A minimum of $30,000 in bodily injury liability (BIL)
  • A minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL)

The state also requires that motorists carry uninsured/underinsured motorist protection in the amount of:

  • $25,000 for injuries to one person
  • $50,000 for injuries to two or more people

When Can You Pursue Compensation From Another Driver?

No-fault car insurance intends to offer speedy medical payments and reduce car accident lawsuits. It doesn't always work that way, and when it doesn't, call us. The experienced car accident attorneys at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers can help you get the PIP benefits you paid for.

Yet, according to Minn. Stat. § 65B.51, you can seek a settlement or pursue a lawsuit against an at-fault driver if:

  • Your medical expenses exceed $4,000
  • You suffer a permanent injury, permanent disfigurement, or a disability lasting 60 or more days

You can also step outside the no-fault system if your loved one passes away from a car accident injury. However, to win compensation from another driver, you must prove that their negligent actions caused your crash.

Examples of driver negligence include:

  • Driving distracted (texting, eating, fiddling with navigation systems, etc.)
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving too fast for weather or road conditions
  • Driving aggressively (road rage) or recklessly
  • Failing to obey traffic signs and lights
  • Failing to maintain lane position
  • Making an improper turn

In some cases, the liable party may not be another motorist. Dangerous road design, poor maintenance, and improper snow and ice removal could all indicate negligence. The entity in charge of the roadway could be the liable party. This could be a city, county, or state government, or private individual. If your crash resulted from vehicle problems, like faulty tires or brakes, you may have a case against a manufacturer.

Minneapolis Car Accident FAQs

What is the statute of limitations in Minnesota?

If we must take legal action, you must be aware of the statute of limitations. If you sue for personal injury, you have six years from the time of your accident to file your case under Minn. Stat. § 541.05, Subd. 1(5). You only have three years to file suit for the wrongful death of a loved one under Minn. Stat. Ann. § 573.02.

What happens if the liable party leaves the state?

The statute of limitations requires the injured party to file a lawsuit no more than six years after the accident. The deadline is three years if a loved one died as a result of their injuries.

While the defendant is absent, the statute of limitation does not count the time they are gone. The clock usually runs again when the negligent driver returns to the state. You should speak to your car accident attorney to see if the exception applies to your case.

Why should you avoid speaking to insurance companies?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, multiple insurance companies may contact you. An insurer usually reaches out to you soon after the incident. You may feel tempted to speak with them, but you should avoid doing so. The best course of action is to speak to an attorney first.

One or more insurance providers may request a recorded statement. They ask for your side of the story and the details of any injuries you sustained. Often, the purpose is to use what you say to devalue your claim.

In general, you do not have to give a recorded statement, especially for the other party’s insurer. In a few situations, adjusters have the right to one. Still, you should talk to a lawyer first to know how to proceed. Their advice can help even if you deal with your provider.

Usually, an attorney talks to the insurance companies for you. They help ensure your case maintains its value.

What are the required insurance coverage policies in Minnesota?

Motorists in Minneapolis have to buy minimum levels of insurance for bodily injury liability. The policy should provide at least $30,000 for each person and $60,000 for each incident.

Besides the bodily injury policy, a driver has to carry at least $20,000 for medical expense benefits. The coverage helps pay for treatment for injuries after a motor vehicle collision. The policy should include coverage for emergency room services, dental care, and physical therapy.

A person needs to have property damage liability coverage as well. If they caused the accident, they would need to pay for damages to a vehicle. The minimum coverage is $10,000 per accident.

Motorists also need personal injury protection, but some people refer to it as “no-fault” coverage. The policy covers various losses after a car crash. The benefits should offer a minimum of $40,000 per person per accident.

Someone might experience a car collision, and the responsible driver had no insurance. Other times, the at-fault party has insurance but not enough to pay for damages. You would need to carry underinsured motorist coverage of at least $25,000 per person. For each accident, the policy gives $50,000.

Drivers could face penalties if they operate a vehicle without the necessary insurance policies.

What does PIP insurance cover?

PIP insurance provides $20,000 for necessary medical expenses arising from your car accident. This includes payments for emergency transportation and treatment, hospitalizations, surgical procedures, and rehabilitation services. To receive coverage, you must file your claim within six months of your accident.

PIP provides another $20,000 to pay for non-medical expenses, such as your lost wages and the value of replacement services. PIP does not cover your property damage costs or damages for your pain and suffering.

If a covered party passes away from a car accident injury, PIP will pay medical expenses and an additional $2,000 for their funeral and burial costs. Yet, it does not cover other wrongful death-related damages.

How long until the insurer covers your expenses?

You do not often need to wait a significant amount of time. Insurance companies have to cover expenses within 30 days to avoid penalties.

Can you drive your car after an accident?

You should avoid driving your vehicle soon after an accident. Collisions generally cause damage to a person’s car, and a portion of it may not be visible. You should allow a mechanic to inspect your vehicle to know the full extent of your damages.

What happens if an Uber driver causes a crash?

Uber and Lyft drivers must carry their own insurance, but Uber and Lyft provide liability coverage as well.

The coverage from the ridesharing companies only applies if the driver turns the app on and becomes available to work. Usually, Uber’s liability insurance offers $50,000 in bodily injury for each person and $25,000 for property damage.

The motorist’s personal insurance may pay for expenses as well. Both types of insurers may contact you after an incident. If a ridesharing vehicle behaves recklessly, consult an attorney who knows how to handle an Uber car accident.

Protecting Minneapolis Car Accident Victims

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The car accident was only the beginning of your fight.

As you seek the financial resources you need to put your life back together after a car accident, the insurance companies are going into overdrive, looking for ways to deny your claim and avoid responsibility. To get the resources you need for your medical bills, your pain and suffering, and your lost wages, you need the help of a proven personal injury lawyer.

You can turn to Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers for fierce advocacy and compassionate counsel. Our only goal is to make things right for you and your family. We handle a wide range of motor vehicle accident claims in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area, including those stemming from hit-and-run accidents, head-on collisions, T-bone crashes, rear-end accidents, drunk driving accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and accidents caused by distracted or inattentive driving.

Our team has a reputation for excellence

Our attorneys have earned multiple accolades, including recognition by:

  • The Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 Rising Stars
  • The National Advocates Top 100

But, it is our clients' opinions that matter most. Our firm boasts over 500 five-star reviews and more than 3,000 satisfied clients. Hear what they have to say about working with our team and our attorneys:

  • “They were quick to respond to my initial phone call and made sure that we were taken care of at all points. I think Russell had my best interest and my family's best interest at all times.” - Car accident client
  • “Whenever I felt a tiny bit of anxiety or stress, Russell took the question and he was able to walk me through it. Their whole office handles things so professionally. I always felt like I was important to them. I really believed that they really, truly cared about me as a person, not just my case.” - Personal injury client

Your Life Is Not A Statistic Or A Line Item

Minneapolis Car Accident Lawyers

Minnesota averages 217 crashes per day, resulting in an average of 76 injuries and one death. Those statistics are sobering but do not tell the full story. They represent at least 434 days that have been ruined, 76 families with an injured loved one, and one life that can never be replaced.

Insurance companies view these numbers as nothing more than financial liabilities. They can keep their profits by denying the claims of the injured, or cut into their profits by doing the right thing. That attitude is why you need an attorney from Nicolet Law Firm, looking out for your interests and only your interests after an accident.

Minneapolis Fatal Crashes Statistics

Source: dps.mn.gov

Minneapolis Injury Crashes Statistics

Source: dps.mn.gov

Minneapolis Total Crashes Statistics

Source: dps.mn.gov

Full Compensation For Your Injuries

A personal injury claim is about more than providing the immediate financial resources you need to cover your medical bills and get your car fixed; it is about making sure you have the resources you need now and for the rest of your life.

Spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and other catastrophic injuries can result in the need for in-home care, ongoing rehabilitation, and other long-term costs. It is crucial to obtain a settlement that fully addresses those needs. If the insurance company does not negotiate in good faith, we will be ready to go to trial on your behalf.

We take cases on contingency, and we offer free, no-obligation consultations

We believe your current financial situation should not bar you from seeking the money you need. If you choose our team, we will not collect a fee unless we win a settlement or verdict in your favor. We also offer free consultations, so you can make sure our firm is the right fit for you. You can email us using our contact page or call us at (612) 446-3999 today to get started.

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