8 Dog Bite Statistics You Need to Know

8 Dog Bite Statistics You Need to Know
8 Dog Bite Statistics You Need to Know

Dogs have consistently proven to be man's best friend. They're kept in large numbers in homes as pets and companions. With advancements in mental health treatments, some dogs are currently used to reduce anxiety, stress, and loneliness among people diagnosed with acute depression and anxiety disorders.

However, dogs can become aggressive, especially when not treated properly. Today, reports show that more than 4 million dog bites occur every year. But, this's not all you need to know about dog bite statistics. There's more to dog bites that go unreported. 

Let's dive deep into some of the essential dog bite statistics that rarely get the spotlight. 

8 Dog Bite Statistics You Need to Know

1. 70% of Biting Dogs are Unneutered

It has been consistently reported that neutering male dogs helps reduce their aggressive nature and biting tendencies. Data shows that an unneutered male dog is 2.6 times more likely to bite than a neutered one. 

However, it's unfortunate that people are yet to adopt male neutering to reduce dog aggressiveness. This explains why 70% of biting male dogs are unneutered. In 2006, at least 97% of dog bites happened from unneutered dogs, which clarifies why neutering needs to be considered a safe strategy for preventing dog bites. 

2. 38 People Died from Dog Bites in 2018

There have been jokes about dog bites and how they're not serious. That's why it is common for some individuals to provoke dogs with a perception that such dogs can't do much to harm their health. 

However, as statistics indicate, dog bites are not always simple bites that can be treated in the local emergency room. Sometimes such bites are aggressive to the point of causing death. Every year, people die from dog bites, with 38 dog-bite-related deaths in 2018. 

This might not be higher when compared to other causes of death, such as road fatalities, but it's essential to be aware that dog bites can be severe and lead to death

3. Pit Bull Bites Were Responsible for 28 Fatalities in 2018

There's a huge stigma around various breeds owing to their bad record regarding aggressiveness and biting statistics. Pitbull falls in this category as one of the most aggressive dog breeds globally. That is why most dog shelters have pit bulls, usually unwanted by families across the country. 

Although there's no relationship between dog bites and breed, it's essential to indicate that pit bulls appear on the wrong end of the current dog statistics. For example, of the 38 dog-related deaths in 2018, bulls were responsible for 72%. 

4. Dog Bites Increased by 300% During COVID-19 Pandemic.

It's widely reported how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the social settings in communities while destroying the global economy. These are the reports that continue to dominate national debates and global trends. 

However, some silent impacts have led to devastating challenges to the communities and are not getting the attention they deserve. For example, dog bites increased by 300% during the pandemic. The drastic increase in dog bites during the pandemic shows that increased stress was not only in humans but also in dogs. 

5. 81% of Dog Bites Don't Need Medical Attention

Despite the huge number of dog bites in the country today, it's essential to indicate that most (81%) don't require medical care. Trends show that most dog bite injuries are so small that you don't have to seek medical services. They're usually small scratches that can heal naturally through cleaning. 

However, this doesn't mean that you should not remain cautious around your dog. As listed above, some bites can cause fatalities. Therefore, if you feel that your dog bite warrants medical attention, it's essential to rush to the nearest emergency room for medical services. 

6. Homeowners' Insurers Paid $854 Million in Dog Bite Liability Claims in 2020

Dog bites don't only impact the healthcare industry and the perception of people towards dogs but also the insurance industry. The increased number of dog bit-related liability claims has been drawing huge amounts of money from the insurance industry, which could have devastating impacts on the sector. 

In 2020, homeowners' insurance data shows that insurance companies paid more than $854 million on liability claims. Unfortunately, claims increased by 12% from 2019. This clearly illustrates that dog bite-related claims will continue to grow in years, and insurance companies must be prepared to deal with the growing financial liability. 

7. Around 1,000 People Require Treatment for Dog Bites Everyday

There's a perception that dog bites have decreased in recent times. However, there's no sufficient information proving the decreasing dog bite rates that people report. In addition, verifiable information shows that around 1,000 people seek emergency medical attention for serious dog bites every day. 

Data indicates that California and Texas report the highest number of dog bites every day. They're also the states with the highest dog fatalities in the country. However, it's essential to indicate that these states have the highest number of dogs, explaining the current high dog bite statistics. 

8. You're 5% More Likely to Be Bitten by a Dog in Cities.

There's a skewed perception that dogs in rural areas are aggressive because they're only used to the people within the property. However, this is not the case, as data indicates that you're 5% more likely to be bitten by a dog in an urban setting than in a rural setting. Undoubtedly, a huge population has contributed to more dog bites among urban dwellers, but that doesn't mean that you should not be cautious when traveling upcountry. 

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