With Summer Around the Corner Road Safety Encouraged

Young woman texting while driving on Wisconsin roads in the summer
With Summer Around the Corner Road Safety Encouraged

Car accidents occur on roads throughout the nation at all times of the year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers need to be particularly vigilant in the next three months or so, as this week marks the start of what the administration calls the 100 deadliest days of the year for drivers.

There are multiple reasons for this. A driver’s education instructor indicates that the abundance of young drivers on the road, and not in school, over the summer months is one of the biggest contributing factors. These relatively inexperienced drivers are often thinking about things other than safety while driving. They also often engage in distracted driving behaviors such as using their cell phone to talk or text.

A Wisconsin State Trooper also cites road construction projects and a higher volume of overall traffic as reasons that crashes occur.

While it is in everyone’s best interest to be vigilant about driving safety during these 100 days, as well as the remaining 265 days of the year, automobile accidents will likely still occur in Western Wisconsin. When negligent actions of another are to blame for a crash that leads to the death of someone involved, it is possible that a wrongful death lawsuit might be filed against that individual. Though often difficult for the loved ones of a deceased person to navigate, when successful, the outcome of a lawsuit of this nature could provide the closure and financial security needed for those individuals to move forward without the person who has been lost.

Source: WEAU, “100 Deadliest Days for drivers,” Jessica Bringe, May 29, 2014