Wisconsin Rolls Out New Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

Wisconsin man drinking a beer with his car keys on the table after deciding not to drive drunk
Wisconsin Rolls Out New Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign

There is no question that drunk driving is a completely preventable activity that can lead to serious consequences for all involved. In addition to intoxicated drivers putting themselves in a position where they could face criminal charges, they also place themselves, and others on the road, in a situation that could result in serious injuries. In the worst cases even death can occur.

In an effort to reduce the number of people who drive drunk in the state of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin State Patrol has adopted a new tactic to fight it. There is a new program in the state featuring a vehicle that looks like a taxi from the back and a patrol car from the front. The program is called “Choose Your Ride.”

While the car is not being used as either on Wisconsin roads, it is designed to get who drive passed it to think about the price—both monetary and otherwise—of each option. While many may feel that they don’t have $20 to pay for a cab to take them home, those individuals would probably really suffer if they had to spend time in jail, pay fines and lose their license because of an OWI conviction. If others are injured because of the actions of a drunk driver these consequences could be just the beginning. If one is found negligent in a civil lawsuit, they may need to pay the injured party even more.

There is a definite need for programs that combat drunk driving in the state of Wisconsin. This is because the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services indicates the state has the highest rate of drunk drivers in the entire country. Because of this all residents of the state of Wisconsin likely hope that the program will have a positive effect.

Source: WEAU, “’Choose Your Ride’ car works to prevent against drunk driving,” Courtney Everett, June 11, 2014