Wisconsin Car Accident Deaths Lowest Since World War II

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Wisconsin Car Accident Deaths Lowest Since World War II
Damaged cars after a non-fatal accident on a Wisconsin road

Not since World War II has the number of deaths due to car accidents been as low as it was as of Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013. On that date, the number of Wisconsin car accident deaths in Wisconsin was at 519, which even beats the 2009 number of 542. The reduction is attributed to more traffic enforcement and education regarding the use of seat belts and the dangers of drunk driving.

It appears from data gathered that nearly 40 percent of the 519 deaths so far reported were in alcohol-related crashes. Even so, it seems the number of drunk drivers on the state's roads went down. Speed is a major concern when it comes to fatal crashes.

Wisconsin officials hoped not to add to that number during the last remaining days of the year. During the holidays, law enforcement officials were on the roads in an attempt to accomplish that goal. It could be some time before it is known if their efforts were successful.

No matter how diligent law enforcement or the general public are on the roads, accidents still occur. It is impossible to predict when an accident will happen, but there are things drivers can do to minimize their chances of being involved in one. For instance, when drivers slow down, pay attention and do not get behind the wheel after drinking, the odds of a crash being fatal could drop.

Losing a loved one in a car accident is devastating. It can take some time to adjust to life without a family member. However, the devastation is not just emotional but also financial. State law allows for the filing of a wrongful death action to seek financial restitution for damages families incur because of a fatal accident.

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