Winter Safety Tip: Driving Isn’t Hockey

Hockey player skating with their stick and puck
Winter Safety Tip: Driving Isn’t Hockey
Hockey player skating with their stick and puck

The winter months in Wisconsin are risky for drivers, but you'll undoubtedly see people driving aggressively. Some drivers need a reminder: operating a vehicle isn't like hockey. There's no slapping a puck down the rink or checking an opponent against the glass -- or there shouldn't be. But that's sort of what happens sometimes, and that's what we call aggressive driving -- a leading cause of winter car accidents.

Being tough works in hockey -- but not on winter roads. If an aggressive driver injures you, you shouldn't have to cover the costs. You need to know your options for getting your medical bills and other expenses fully covered.

What's "aggressive?"

Maybe you think of aggressive driving as "road rage," and you'd be right. But a person doesn't have to be enraged to be an aggressive driver. Sometimes perfectly calm people drive aggressively, and the danger is heightened when roads are snowy and icy.

It doesn't matter how a driver feels -- happy, angry, bored, distracted. That driver's behavior may still be aggressive. Examples of aggressive driving include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Abrupt lane changes
  • Refusing or failing to yield the right of way

People who engage in these dangerous behaviors risk harming themselves and others.

Some drivers act like it's a competition

Hockey is a game. Getting your kids to school isn't. Your commute to work isn't. Your holiday travel isn't. Winter safety is a serious concern every year on Wisconsin roads, yet some drivers who are well aware of the risks still act like they're pushing a puck up the rink in a hockey match. Just know that legal help is available if you ever suffer injuries because of an aggressive driver.