We Help When a Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied

Injured employee reading her workers' compensation claim denial
We Help When a Workers’ Comp Claim is Denied

Workers' comp claims are denied every month in Wisconsin. It happens, and you should not assume that it's the end of the line, that you have no other options left. We can help when your claim doesn't go through. We assist with both partial and full denials.

After a claim is denied, you have the right to ask for a hearing with the Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. You get to present your case and all of the documentation that goes along with it. You can show why you felt the initial denial was unjust and ask the judge to give out an official court order that overrides that decision.

This can work in many cases, depending on why you were denied. Many applications don't go through because of simple mistakes on the paperwork. If you get them corrected and show the proper forms to the judge, it may be easy to get approved. In other cases, an improper decision may have been made even though you did present all of the information properly, and this gives the judge a chance to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes and make a new decision.

Either way, this is a very important hearing because it still gives you a chance to get the money you deserve. Many people just get the denial notification, assume the worst, and give up on the case. This can lead to incredible debt that may be hard to ever overcome. Don't subject yourself to this type of future when you do have other options.

If you want to learn more about how we can help, we hope you'll get in touch with us today.