Should Wisconsin Have Tougher Restrictions for Party Buses?

Inside a party bus with lights and an area for dancing
Should Wisconsin Have Tougher Restrictions for Party Buses?

Nearly everyone in Wisconsin has seen a party bus driving along the roadways at least once in their lives.  Usually converted school buses, these large commercial vehicles provide large groups of people with a safe way to get from one point to the next.  This is especially true if alcohol is involved.  But with the numerous reports of party bus accidents having been reported over the last few years, some people are beginning to wonder if tougher restrictions need to be placed on these vehicles.

In a number of the accidents already reported this year, many have resulted in serious injury or even death.  In a recent case out of California this Memorial Day weekend, several passengers on a party bus were injured after their bus collided with another vehicle.  Most of the passengers received injury because they were not required to wear seat belts.

In another case a few weeks ago, an River Falls man opened the emergency escape door and fell out the back of the moving party bus. He died while being airlifted to the hospital.  In both of these cases, tougher restrictions may have prevented these people from suffering serious injuries and even death.

Like with other commercial vehicles, party bus owners and drivers have a responsibility to keep their passengers safe from harm. And while specifics about the drivers in these two cases are not known, party bus companies also have a responsibility to make sure that their drivers are knowledgeable with the operation of these vehicles and are being as vigilant as possible when driving on Wisconsin's roadways.

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