Seeking Personal Injury Damages in Car Accident Claims

Seeking personal injury damages in accident claims
Seeking Personal Injury Damages in Car Accident Claims
Injured woman speaks with a personal injury attorney about recovering compensation

The average Wisconsin driver operates his or her vehicle with extreme caution in order to avoid being involved in or causing a car accident. However, there is only so much being careful can do. Although, a driver who takes unnecessary risks is more apt to be involved in a crash, defensive drivers are also at risk of getting wrapped up in an accident caused by less careful driver.

Unfortunately, car crashes are the number one killer of individuals age 1 to 54 in the United States, so it is not uncommon for people to suffer a serious injury such an accident. These individuals will no doubt incur costly medical bills related to their emergency room visits, continued medical care, rehabilitation services, lost time at work and other costs.

At the Nicolet Law Office, we are passionate about helping people injured in car accidents seek financial restitution for their injuries. Although there is nothing we can do to bring a person back to their pre-injury levels of health, we can help them seek financial recoveries to pay for the medical care they need and deserve.

Damages that car accidents victims can pursue in Wisconsin will differ according to the unique facts and circumstances leading up to the crash, and the unique facts and circumstances pertaining to all parties involved. That said, in most cases, severely injured persons can seek money to pay for doctors' visits and medical care; money to pay for the property damage to their cars; money to pay for lost income caused by permanent or temporary disabilities; loss of family relationships and a wide variety other damages.