Road Construction Results in More Dangerous Roads

Road Construction Results in More Dangerous Roads
Road Construction Results in More Dangerous Roads

The summer season calls many people on to the streets. In addition to regular traffic, road tripping, family vacations, and students out of school all increase traffic density. More people on the roads means more chances for reckless or negligent drivers to injure others. In addition to more risks from drivers, the streets themselves become more threatening in the summer.

The longer daylight hours and dryer weather of summer make it the best time of the year for road construction, resulting in an increase in work zones on the road. Road construction can turn the most familiar road into a confusing hazard that can be fatal.

Common road construction hazards

There are many ways that road construction can be hazardous to drivers. Recognizing potential threats can help drivers avoid accidents. Some of the most common dangers of road construction are:

  • Change in road paths – if construction results in detours or sudden bends in the road, it can catch inattentive drivers off-guard, resulting in drivers overreacting to the sudden change, and causing an accident.
  • Sudden stopping – when divers encounter something unexpected in a construction zone, it can cause them to stop suddenly. This braking can quickly turn into massive pileups that injure many people.
  • Loose debris – during construction, debris can fall into the roadway and damage cars or cause them to react and cause an accident suddenly. Some debris can be pieces of concrete larger than the size of a basketball.
  • Speeding – the reduced speed limits in construction zones keep construction workers safe and give drivers enough time to react to unexpected hazards. If a driver is speeding in a work zone, they are limiting their ability to stay safe.

2018-2022 Construction Zone Accidents in Wisconsin


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Keeping a sharp eye out for potential risks during the construction season can help anyone avoid unnecessary accidents.

Stay safe this summer

It is easy to be eager to get to your summertime destination, but make sure that it does not come at the cost of your wellbeing. Take your time driving through construction zones and make sure you get through them in one piece.