Homeowners Can Be Car Crash Victims Too

The outside of a Wisconsin home after it was hit by a car
Homeowners Can Be Car Crash Victims Too

Someone who isn't on the road may believe they can't be a victim of a car accident. Unfortunately that is not necessarily true - a car accident can happen in your own home.

Such was the case in a July car crash in the Town of Beloit. At 2:38 a.m., a car crashed into the side of a house. The vehicle totaled the home and caused a large fire.

Thankfully in this incident, no one was inside the home at the time of the crash. Unfortunately, the home was beyond saving and a backhoe had to tear apart the house to fully extinguish the fire. No one was in the vehicle so the police launched an investigation to find the driver and determine the accident's cause.

Rebuilding your life after an accident

Car crash victims have a difficult time paying for medical bills, especially if an injury makes you incapable of working. Add on top of that dealing with homeowner's insurance and trying to secure a place to live, and it can be overwhelming.

Accident victims may be especially concerned in a hit and run accident such as the home collision in the Town of Beloit - where the driver literally ran away. The police will likely charge this driver with a crime, but the victims in this case and in any other hit and run can still seek compensation for their damages. A homeowner is unlikely to be at fault for an accident where a moving vehicle ran into their permanent structure.