Get Out for a Group Bike Ride This Summer

A group bike ride around suburban Wisconsin roads
Get Out for a Group Bike Ride This Summer
A group bike ride around suburban Wisconsin roads

Bicyclists only get so many days of summer to venture local roads and trails without battling the Wisconsin winter weather. Why not make the most of the season?

Luckily there are many opportunities to pedal with fellow enthusiasts. In the Chippewa Valley, group rides offer a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and explore the local biking community.

There are a few great reasons to get out with a group this summer:

  • It keeps your bike skills fresh
  • You may ride further than you previously thought possible if you have group encouragement
  • You may discover new routes, trails and views, which you can also explore further on your own
  • You will meet new people who have a similar interest

Some options in the Chippewa Valley include an after-dark rolling dance party, a biking beer tour, a historical ride and a race that culminates in a big party. Depending on your additional interests, you have opportunities to utilize the bike to enjoy them.

Safety all summer

Group rides emphasize safety while socializing.  Some common etiquette points include:

  • Wearing a helmet
  • Utilizing bike signals
  • Maintaining speed and safe distances
  • Alerting others of obstacles and generally being cognizant of surroundings
  • Avoiding abrupt changes to speed, direction or position

These are good safety measures to always follow, even when you're riding solo. Remember that Wisconsin law treats bicycles as a legal vehicle whose rider must obey all traffic laws. That won't stop a motorist from making a mistake or disregarding their own rules, but it reduces the chance an accident will occur.

Whether you decide to try a group ride this summer or stick to solo pedaling, you can make the most of our precious Wisconsin summer while on two wheels.