Are Your Fireworks Safe?

Wisconsin residents watching fireworks during the summer
Are Your Fireworks Safe?
Wisconsin residents watching fireworks during the summer

Fireworks are awesome. Most Wisconsinites enjoy them, not just on Independence Day weekend, but all summer long.

Whether you have obtained a permit to release your own fireworks or are attending a local show this summer, it is important to practice safe pyrotechnic habits. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are personally, the product may be the problem.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recently recalled four different brands of fireworks for violating federal standards and for causing explosion and burn hazards. The impacted brands include:

  • Keystone
  • Grandma's Fireworks
  • GS Fireworks (sold exclusively at Patriot Pyrotechnics in Sheridan, Michigan)
  • Patriot Pyrotechnics/Bill's Fireworks (sold exclusively at GS Fireworks in Wyoming, Michigan)

What standards were not met?

The recalled products from Grandma's Fireworks were overloaded with pyrotechnics geared toward creating the classic firework boom, which violates regulatory standards. Overloaded products can also result in larger-than-anticipated explosions, which can increase explosion and burn hazards.

The specific product recalled from Keystone is the G-Force Artillery Shell Fireworks. This product had the same issues as the Grandma's Fireworks line, but they also included banned hazardous substances. Those substances cannot be sold under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA).

Legal uses for fireworks

Anyone who wants to purchase fireworks in Wisconsin needs a permit, and the laws vary across municipalities. If you are using fireworks for personal use, it is best to confirm you have the right permissions and that your products are not under recall.

However, it is possible you may attend a show this summer where the legal purchaser is unaware their products are under recall. If you attend a fireworks show, keep a safe distance from the action and seek immediate medical attention if you experience an injury.

Fireworks are an American tradition and Wisconsinites deserve to enjoy them safely during summertime celebrations.