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Thousands of cars drive in and around Williston, North Dakota, daily. Many drivers act reasonably, but a few people can be negligent. Someone’s carelessness may lead to an accident and cause significant damage. When this happens, the victim can start an insurance claim to obtain monetary reimbursement.

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Williston Car Accident Lawyer

The Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers team has years of experience with car accident cases. We can handle claims that involve multiple parties and insurance companies. We can represent Williston clients in the courtroom if a trial becomes necessary.

Our familiarity with motor vehicle collision laws lets you concentrate on recovering from your injuries while we work on your claim. Our car accident lawyers do not back down regardless of the defendant you face. We determine which strategy may work best for your case and fight to get you every dollar you deserve.

The legal process may seem complex, but we make it as easy as possible for you and provide the care and compassion you deserve. Our lawyers understand your difficulties and will work to reduce your stress.

We are ready to hear your case, so feel free to schedule an evaluation with our firm. You can call us if you have any questions about beginning your claim.

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Where Car Accidents Can Happen in Williston


Over 14,000 car accidents happen in North Dakota annually. Highways like U.S. 2 pose a high risk of a motor vehicle crash. Thousands of people travel along them daily, and periods of heavy traffic regularly happen. The higher number of drivers on the highway renders reckless driving behavior more likely.

Collisions often result in severe damage, particularly when vehicles travel at high speeds or encounter semi-trucks.


Another common location for car accidents is an intersection. Vehicles arrive from all directions regularly, and pedestrians frequently use the crosswalks. Intersections account for a significant portion of traffic injuries each year.

Some drivers ignore or fail to notice a red light, while others might not yield during a left turn. Rear-end collisions tend to happen at intersections as well. Several places only have stop or yield signs. The risk of a crash goes up as a result.

Two-Lane Roads

Two-lane roads only have a single lane in each direction. Drivers, therefore, might let their guards down there. Two-lane roads, however, have a high accident potential.

Narrow shoulders increase the chance of a collision due to vehicles being close to one another. Two-lane roads may not have a divider. A motorist, therefore, may cross the yellow line and cause significant damage in a head-on collision.

You may have a valid car accident claim no matter where the crash happened in Williston. Our firm is ready to hear your side of the story.

Liable Parties in a Car Accident Case

Liable Parties in a Car Accident Case

The damages may lead to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. A claim against the liable party might be necessary to ease the financial burden of an accident. You may have the right to compensation if the other side shows negligence. A lawyer can perform an in-depth investigation to determine who is responsible.

The Other Driver

Most car crashes happen because of driver mistakes. Motorists must control their vehicles and keep others safe. They, however, may display aggressive driving. Motorists in North Dakota receive over 100 citations for distracted driving annually.

Another driver usually is the at-fault party as a result. Multiple drivers could be responsible for your injuries. In this case, file a claim with each insurance provider for reimbursement.

The Local Government

Negligent drivers make up a majority of car accident cases. Other parties, however, could also be responsible. Residents of Williston can open a claim against a government department to pursue compensation. You may hold the government liable if the agency or employees act negligently within the scope of their duties.

The time limit to seek compensation from the government is distinct from the deadline in a case with a private individual. Additional requirements may apply as well. One of our Williston car accident attorneys can assist in holding a government department accountable.

The Manufacturer

A manufacturer of a vehicle part can be responsible for a car accident. The design of a component can be flawed, or an error may happen during the production stage. Common malfunctions include steering wheel issues and brake failures. For example, more than 11,000 accidents happen annually due to bad tires.

Proving a manufacturer was negligent can be difficult. An attorney, however, knows how to determine if a company failed to make a safe auto part. Our lawyers can help gather evidence against the manufacturer and other possible at-fault parties.

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You Can Hold the Vehicle Owner At-Fault for the Driver’s Actions

The driver is not the vehicle's owner in many cases. A teenager may have driven a parent's car or a friend borrowed someone's vehicle. The owner may be responsible for damages in specific circumstances.

The idea of negligent entrustment may apply. The concept means an owner allowed another individual to use a “dangerous instrumentality.” The person then used the hazardous instrument to injure someone else. A vehicle can qualify as dangerous instrumentality.

You can hold car owners complicit if they give the driver expressed or implied permission despite a reckless driving history.

Victims might have trouble tracking down car owners who were not there during the crash. Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers can help find the parties responsible.

Can the Plaintiff Pursue Punitive Damages?

Car accident settlements regularly see economic and non-economic damages: victims can recover money for hospital bills, lost earnings, and mental anguish. Yet, another type of damage exists. Punitive damages are a form of punishment against the defendant.

A negligent driver has the potential to receive punitive damages. The court, however, only applies this penalty in a few motor vehicle collision cases. The defendant must meet specific conditions first. The at-fault motorist should have had the intention to harm others.

Another qualifying factor is if the driver deliberately disregarded other people’s safety. The judge might grant punitive damages if the at-fault motorist was drunk during the crash. Speak to your attorney about what damages you can claim in a settlement.

How to Protect Your Case

The other driver’s insurance company may fight your claim once you request reimbursement. The insurer may undermine your case to limit how much they should pay.

You can protect your case and improve your chances of a successful settlement if you:

  • Keep documents related to the accident. Police incident reports, medical records, images, and other information can help your claim. Place these documents and their copies in a safe location.
  • Do not admit fault. Avoid saying anything that may imply you were at fault. You should not give statements to the adjuster and be cautious with online posts. Even an apology can affect a claim.
  • Follow the treatment plan. Continue to adhere to the recovery plan your doctor created for you. The insurance company may deny compensation if you act otherwise.
  • Find a motor vehicle accident lawyer. Our car crash law firm has the crucial resources to protect your rights. We have an understanding of the law and can represent your interests.

Consult our attorneys soon after an accident. Our team is ready to evaluate your case and find the best plan for your situation.

Signs You May Need Our Williston Car Accident Lawyer

Severe Injuries

One sign victims should hire a car accident attorney is if they sustained acute injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, severe burns, and amputations require hospitalization and weeks, if not longer, to recover to an optimal condition.

Victims, therefore, may be unable to give all their attention to their accident claims. The insurance company could use the claimant's vulnerable time to its advantage. A lawyer can handle the legal work so you can focus on your treatment plan with less stress.

A Difficult Driver

A Williston motor vehicle collision law firm may help you with an uncooperative at-fault party. The other side's insurance company may dispute your argument, or you could face a defendant who delays the case or tries to have the court dismiss it.

Our team can help if the other driver is difficult to deal with and progress slows. Our attorneys have experience with delay tactics and can gather evidence to support your argument.

Quick Settlement Offer

The insurance adjuster may contact you soon after the accident. The representative might suggest a settlement, but the offer can be a manipulation tactic. The adjuster assumes you do not know the extent of your damages, so the amount may not be enough.

You can deny the settlement offer. A car accident attorney can represent you during negotiations for acceptable compensation.

Inaccurate Police Report

Police reports give crucial information during the claim process. An officer, however, may have received inaccurate information. The document could contain incorrect details and state the victim is liable. A person may have a difficult time recovering money for extensive damages as a result.

Call Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers if you believe a negligent party injured you. Evidence can prove the other driver’s liability despite what the police report says. A lawyer can use images, video footage, witness statements, and expert witnesses to support your case.

Contact our vehicle accident law firm as quickly as possible to begin building your claim. Our attorneys can investigate the incident, communicate with insurance companies, and protect your rights.

Should You See a Repair Shop After a Crash?

A vehicle might appear to work, especially after a minor collision. Your car may feel safe, but avoid using it after a crash. Invisible could cause another accident.\

First, let us document the damages for your claim. Then take the vehicle to a repair shop.

A mechanic needs to inspect your car for potential issues. The auto repair shop can make the necessary fixes, and you can add the expenses to your settlement.

You might hear you must take the vehicle to an insurance company-approved mechanic. You do not need to do so. Any repair shop is fine as long as you trust the mechanic.

Who Can File a Claim for a Deceased Victim?

Around 100 fatal crashes happen annually in North Dakota. The law allows personal representatives, or executors, to begin a lawsuit on behalf of a deceased car accident victim.

Several surviving members can initiate a lawsuit as well. The deceased person’s spouse can pursue compensation. A surviving child or parent may also seek benefits in some cases.

Speak to the attorneys at Nicole Law Accident & Injury Lawyers to learn if you can sue the other driver for the death of a loved one. Our lawyers have the resources to recover these damages.

Surviving family members can get reimbursement for funeral costs. Some victims may be hospitalized for injuries before their death. You may claim losses for the medical care your loved one received related to the crash. A fatal motor vehicle crash settlement can include lost income and various non-economic damages.

Will the IRS Tax Your Car Accident Compensation?

You may worry about losing a part of your compensation to taxes once you receive the check. Federal and state governments, however, exempt most car accident settlements. The IRS generally does not consider personal injury damages income.

However, there are situations that might remove the tax-exempt status from compensation. Some examples could be if you received punitive damages or possibly if you deducted your out-of-pocket medical expenses while waiting for the case to resolve. The government could tax your settlement in these cases. It is best to talk with a tax professional on taxation issues related to personal injury settlements or recoveries. 

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