Get The Beard

For years you’ve seen the Nicolet Beard plastered on billboards across the Midwest. The iconic beard of Russell Nicolet has become an integral part of our brand. No, he didn’t just lose his razor… the Nicolet Beard stands for more than that.    

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Beard Up 

Folks who have one know… it takes patience and commitment to grow a luscious beard… the same kind of patience and commitment that we show in the courtroom. The attorneys at Nicolet Law are committed to growing with you as your case evolves. We won’t throw in the towel at the first sign of a rough patch. We’re with you every step of the way, and we won’t quit until justice is served.   

The Nicolet Beard is Feared by Insurance Companies  

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Insurance Companies don’t want to see a Nicolet Law attorney on the other side of the bench, because they know that we’ll fight tooth and nail to get our clients the compensation they deserve.   

We fight for the little guy when insurance companies don’t want to pay. While insurance companies are motivated to maximize their profit, Nicolet Law makes sure they aren’t taking advantage of folks who are experiencing hardship that is often out of their control.   Get the Beard, Get the Win. 

Injured? Get the Beard 

It’s no secret that we’re proud of our Midwest roots. Heck, if you consider the Nicolet Beard and all the flannel, Russell is basically the Paul Bunyan of Personal Injury Law.   

Injured? Get the beard

Paul Bunyan was known not only for being a giant but also for his strength, skill, and work ethic in the logging camps of the Midwest. The stories of his accomplishments helped shape the Midwest mindset that we all know today.   

The attorneys at Nicolet Law are similar; not in the sense that they’re 7 feet tall and could fall a tree with a single swing of the ax, but they’re known for their strength, skill, and work ethic in the courtroom. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure that you and your family get the justice you deserve.   

It’s Beard Time  

When folks see the beard, the first thing they think of is Nicolet Law. It’s synonymous with billboards, cold beer, and good times. If you keep an eye out, you might spy the Nicolet Beard in the wild. We’ve got flannels, beanies, koozies, and you might even see us in content of your favorite social media creators!  

We’ve partnered with Beardsconsin, a Midwest producer of home-grown beard essentials. We’re both committed to providing the best in the Midwest, and we’re thankful they help keep the Nicolet Beard in shape!   

You can find the Nicolet Beard at a bunch of events throughout the year—at music festivals, sports games, and other community events. Keep an eye out for the Nicolet beard and come learn what we’re all about. 😎 #GETTHEBEARD  

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