10th Year Giving Program

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To celebrate our 10th year in business, Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers will be donating $10,000 to various charity organizations throughout the year. Our ability to get to the 10th year has only been possible due to the great people in the communities we serve. This giving program is our way of saying thank you to our friends and neighbors, and helping to make our communities better places for everyone to live, work and play.

We’ll post more information about this initiative and the organizations we donate to following each donation. Check back here regularly to learn more about this program!

$2,500 To Feed My People Food Bank

For the first donation of our 2017 charitable giving program, Nicolet Law Firm donated $2,500 to Feed My People Food Bank. Based in Eau Claire, this organization’s goal is to eliminate hunger for families in the 14 counties they serve.

Why We Chose Feed My People Food Bank

Russell Nicolet (Firm Founder): “Being able to help out those in need in western Wisconsin is a great honor. It is heartbreaking that there are families in our communities without a place to live or food to feed their children.”

“I look at my own young children and can imagine other kids their same age not knowing where they are going to sleep at night or where their next meal will be. It hurts my heart to know that this is reality for some children in our community. Right now in Eau Claire alone there are about 250 schoolchildren whose families are homeless.”

“Whether it is through donations or volunteer work, action is what we can do, and action is what we must do.”

“Organizations like Feed My People Food Bank not only help us help our community, but they do it in such a powerful way. We’ve been told that our donation will create 10,000 meals for families throughout western Wisconsin because the connections and efficiencies of Feed My People allow donations to be used so effectively. This is truly impressive and highlights the vital function that organizations such as Feed My People serve for families throughout the region.”

About Feed My People Food Bank

From the Feed My People website:

“As a food bank, Feed My People Food Bank is a crucial link between food manufacturers, suppliers and food assistance programs. Our large warehouse, complete with freezer and cooler space, allows us to store vast quantities of food and distribute it among our partners. As the only food bank in west central Wisconsin, we provide food to more than 120 hunger-relief organizations in 14 counties.”
Learn more about the important work of this organization by viewing their website. We encourage you to consider a financial contribution to help Feed My People as they attempt to eradicate hunger in western Wisconsin.

Donation To St. Patrick’s School

Nicolet Law Firm made a sponsorship donation to St. Patrick’s School for their 2017 school gala (An Evening at the Circus). The gala’s goal this year is to raise money for Google Chromebooks for middle school students.

We also made a donation to River Crest Elementary in Hudson for their school carnival.

Donations To Fund School Lunch Programs In Hudson And Eau Claire

At Nicolet Law Office, we understand that receiving an education is only one aspect of a child’s school experience. Other things, such as getting good, nutritional meals, are also an important part of what children should receive when they go to school.

Unfortunately, financial hurdles can sometimes arise, and balances on lunch accounts can become past due. When this happens, children may not be able to obtain the full range of nutritional benefits that a good school meal can provide.

As both passionate advocates for strong education in our communities and public school products ourselves (most members of our team attended public school, some in Hudson, Eau Claire, and other nearby districts in western Wisconsin), we decided to help with this situation by making donations to local schools.

In Hudson, we donated money to the school’s “Angel Account” in order to pay off the full past-due balance. This account ensures that kids in the school district are able to get lunch in the event they are unable to pay. In Eau Claire, we paid off the past due balances for all of the elementary school children in the district who were eligible to receive free or reduced-cost meals. We also contributed to the ELF fund, which allows students to get full meals (rather than just a cheese sandwich and milk) if their parents have an outstanding bill.

By contributing to these accounts, we hope to ensure that every child in these school districts is always able to get the good meals and important nutrition that they need to make the most of their educational experience.

We encourage you to get involved with your local school system or other community organization as much as possible. Financial donations are not the only way to do this – consider donating your time or expertise to help out a school, charitable organization or other community group.

$1,000 Donation To St. Vincent de Paul Of Rice Lake

Nicolet Law donated $1,000 to St. Vincent de Paul of Rice Lake. They partner with Feed My People to address food security gaps for residents of Barron County.

$2,000 Donated To Beacon House

We were excited to donate $2,000 to the Beacon House (Family Promise) www.beacon-house.org. Nicolet Law team member Brittany made us aware of this excellent organization. The Beacon House’s mission is to advocate for and support families who are homeless in the community by providing temporary housing and support services and by fostering independence. Nicolet Law Office team members in photo (Brittany, Adam, and Holly).

An Additional $2,500 To Feed My People Food Bank

For the final donation of our 2017 charitable giving program, Nicolet Law Office donated an additional $2,500 to Feed My People Food Bank. Based in Eau Claire, this organization’s goal is to eliminate hunger for families in the 14 counties they serve.

You Can Help Your Community!

We encourage you to get involved with charitable and community-focused organizations near you. While donations are certainly one way to support these groups, don’t forget that volunteering your time and effort is also another great way to help these organizations accomplish their goals.

Starr Bowers (Paralegal): “When you commit time and effort to your community, you not only make it a better place for others, you make it a better place for you and your family.

Our family believes very strongly in the value of helping others, whether it be donating our time, our resources or money. We love the feeling we get when we help others and the pride that comes with effecting positive change in the place we call home!”