New Richmond Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

New Richmond Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

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When you move your loved one into a New Richmond nursing home, you put your faith and trust in that facility. Eldercare homes should allow seniors to stay safe and healthy and maintain a high quality of living.

Unfortunately, you now suspect neglect. Or perhaps you even see blatant signs that the nursing home has not taken care of your loved one.

A nursing home negligence attorney may offer your best course of action. Call Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers right away.

Our Lawyers Help You Take Immediate Action

If you suspect that a nursing home is neglecting your parent, grandparent, or other relative, we can help you take immediate action. The responsibility is on us to do so, because seniors who experience neglect may be too scared or intimidated to report anything. Seniors with dementia or other cognitive impairments may not even be aware that their care is inadequate.

Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers answer phone calls 24/7, and we offer free consultations.

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We Believe That Seniors Deserve the Best Possible Care

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Our attorneys live, work, and recreate in and around New Richmond. This is where our children go to school and where we cheer on the Tigers. We shop along Knowles Avenue. This is our home, too.

When our lawyers take on your nursing home negligence case, we see your loved one as more than just another client. We know that elders are some of New Richmond’s most vulnerable citizens.

To us, your case is more than a legal matter. It’s a way for us to help our fellow neighbors and community members. And as attorneys, we have the responsibility to hold negligent senior care facilities accountable to federal and state laws.

What Happens When Families Take on Nursing Home Negligence Without an Attorney

Our law firm has experience with nursing home negligence cases. Many times, families will try to handle the situation on their own. Unfortunately, this rarely results in improved care for their loved one.

All too often, the facility will attempt to downplay what happened. Staff will make you feel like you are overreacting, when in fact your concerns are valid. And in other cases, you may end up playing phone tag with an administrator who promised to “look into the situation.” Meanwhile, the days pass by without any answers or changes in your loved one’s care.

The Benefit of Hiring a New Richmond Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

Nursing home negligence is rarely the fault of just one staff member. Often, the facility has underlying issues such as inadequate staffing levels and untrained or under-trained employees. Administrators may prioritize profits over the well-being of their residents, and break certain laws in the process.

A complex web of state and federal laws governs nursing homes and other senior care facilities. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to take on these complex cases.

New Richmond Area Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

At Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, we believe that New Richmond’s seniors deserve respect and adequate care.

Our attorneys are not afraid to stand up to the city’s nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other senior care facilities.

We can help you if your loved one lives at any senior living facility in New Richmond or beyond.

How Is Nursing Home Neglect Different From Abuse?

Nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are two different things.

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) defines neglect as “the refusal or failure to fulfill any part of a person’s obligations or duties of care to an elder which include, but are not limited to, life necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter, personal hygiene, medicine, comfort, and personal safety.”

And abuse occurs when a resident experiences intentional physical, emotional, verbal, financial, or sexual harm. The perpetrator could be either a staff member or another resident.

In some cases, a nursing home resident may experience both abuse and neglect. You don’t have to decipher which wrong your loved one experienced, however, because our firm handles both types of cases.

What Constitutes Nursing Home Neglect?

If you suspect that your loved one isn’t receiving adequate care, you may have already addressed the issue. Perhaps a staff member brushed you off or tried to downplay what happened. Some employees can be so persuasive that you start to doubt yourself. Is what you are seeing really neglect?

Trust what you see with your own eyes.

Obvious and inexcusable signs of neglect are:

  • Dirty clothing and bed linens
  • Lack of grooming
  • Neglected oral care
  • Pressure sores, which are also called pressure ulcers or bedsores

Not all signs of neglect are readily apparent, though.

Some signs are more subtle and occur slowly over time.

  • Weight loss, from rushed or even skipped meals and snacks
  • Chronic dehydration because the staff doesn’t offer liquids throughout the day
  • Preventable falls
  • Choking due to unsupervised meal times
  • Missed medication, which causes a health condition to worsen

Don’t be fooled or sidelined when a facility tries to convince you that any of these are an inevitable part of aging. Call us if you need a second pair of eyes on the situation. We can investigate and let you know if you have a solid case.

We Have the Experience and Resources to Help You and Your Loved One

Since Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers was founded in 2007, we’ve helped thousands of clients pursue justice. We’re ready to help you.

When we take on a nursing home negligence case, we get to work right away. On your behalf, we will quickly and thoroughly:

  • Investigate your claims. Many facilities will take a law firm’s phone call more seriously than a family member’s. We use this to our advantage.
  • Gather evidence. We start to build a strong case from day one. When a vulnerable elder experiences neglect, there is no time to lose.
  • Pursue compensation. Your loved one should be compensated for any medical bills they incur due to neglect. In addition, your loved one may also qualify for pain and suffering.

Should I Hire a Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer?

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Nursing Home Negligence Attorney, Russell Nicolet

Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers are ready to learn more about your nursing home negligence concerns. During a free consultation, we’ll let you know how we can help you and your loved one. Contact our New Richmond nursing home negligence attorneys today at (715) 226-6164.

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