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Thousands of North Dakota residents enjoy the freedom of travel via motorcycle. Several hazards are associated with this mode of transportation, including other drivers on the roadway. While the last thing someone expects is to be involved in an accident, there are hundreds of motorcycle accidents annually in Fargo.

Every year, many motorcyclists suffer injuries on North Dakota roadways. If you are a victim of a Fargo motorcycle accident, Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers can help you recover compensation for your injuries and damage to your motorcycle.

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Fargo Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers have years of experience helping victims seek compensation for their injuries. We are committed to serving community members where our lawyers work and live. We understand motorcycle accident victims want an attorney who will help them make sense of the challenging issues facing them, including how to recover compensation for their losses.

When a motorcycle accident victim contacts our firm for help, they can count on:

  • Personalized service
  • Clear and frequent communication
  • Meetings in person or virtually
  • Free consultations

Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers know how accident victims must focus on their recovery. We protect your interests throughout the claims process and provide aggressive representation for our clients. We understand that when a victim hires a law firm, they want someone who will fight to get them the maximum compensation for their injuries and damages.

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Typical Motorcycle Accident Victim Compensation

Every client is interested in knowing the value of their motorcycle accident. There are several areas of compensation every accident victim is entitled to seek. No two motorcycle accident victims will recover the same compensation because every accident victim is unique, as is every accident.

In general, victims may seek compensation for:

  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses. Minor injuries can result in hundreds of dollars in medical expenses. Nearly 9 percent of North Dakota residents lack insurance coverage. Motorcycle accident victims could face a significant financial burden if they lack medical insurance.
  • Damages to the motorcycle. Motorcycles are not the same as cars. Not only are they lighter, but because of the lack of protection, they often have more severe damage following a crash. An accident victim should not have to pay for damage or replacement costs associated with an accident that was not their fault.
  • Lost wages and benefits. When a Fargo motorcycle accident victim remains out of work for an extended period recovering from their injuries, they will be unable to have their usual income level, which can be a significant burden on their family.

Remember, an accident victim can suffer other types of losses. The Fargo motorcycle accident victim lawyers at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers can help victims recover compensation to ensure they do not suffer financially because of another driver’s negligence.

About Fargo and Motorcycle Accidents

North Dakota proudly boasts 70,000 miles of motorcycle-friendly roadways. Facts, however, show us that dangerous intersections can cause accidents. Across North Dakota, a motorcycle accident takes place every two days. This is not good news for the more than 36,000 motorcyclists who have registered motorcycles across the state.

Some of the most dangerous intersections in Fargo include:

  • 13th Avenue South and 45th Street in Fargo. Negligent driving in bad weather caused more than half of the accidents at this intersection. Typically motorcycle operators are not out in inclement weather, but this is not always the case, since sometimes bad weather hits when we least expect it.
  • 45th Street and 23rd Avenue South in Fargo. Accident victims often suffer incapacitating injuries here.

Unfortunately, 20 of North Dakota’s 50 most dangerous intersections are in Fargo.

Traveling by motorcycle is a great way to see the sights and enjoy the outdoors. Motorcycling is also a great way to conserve fuel. However, if someone suffers an injury in a motorcycle accident in Fargo, Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers can hold the responsible party accountable and ensure the insurance company treats them fairly.

Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries in Fargo

In Fargo, Cass County, there were 3,748 accidents resulting in more than 1,000 injuries, according to a recent report released by the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

The leading causes of roadway accidents in North Dakota are:

  • Impaired drivers. More than 500 accidents occur annually as a result of alcohol-impaired driving. Some records show that one impaired driving accident occurs every 12 hours.
  • Distracted drivers. More than 1,300 accidents resulted in distracted driving violations across North Dakota in the report.
  • Speed/aggressive drivers. Police cited drivers for speeding or aggressive driving in more than 1,300 accidents in North Dakota.

These are not the only causes of roadway accidents but are among the top reasons for accidents.

Victims of the accidents can face:

  • Severe infections from cuts and lacerations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Broken bones

Regardless of the extent of their injuries or losses, victims of a Fargo motorcycle accident should seek assistance from an experienced Fargo motorcycle accident attorney at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers.

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Motorcycle Accident Victims Need Help Fighting the Insurance Company

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Insurance company adjusters are not in the business of helping accident victims. Since North Dakota is a no-fault insurance state, motorcycle operators are often confused about how the claims process works. The first thing to remember is no-fault coverage does not extend to motorcycles. After notifying the at-fault party’s insurance company of an accident, the victim would file a claim with the insurer for compensation for their injuries and property damage.

Fargo motorcycle accident victims should know how an adjuster will work to minimize their claims.

Some of their tactics include:

  • Victim blaming. One of the most common tactics is to deflect blame from the driver who caused the accident. However, police reports, witness statements, and traffic cameras can help ensure that proof that the motorcyclist was not at fault is readily available.
  • Claiming they cannot cover the accident. Sometimes, an insurer may claim the liable driver's policy did not cover the accident. This is seldom the case. The insurance adjuster may make this statement expecting the victim to simply give up.
  • Outright claim denial. An adjuster may deny a claim, citing the victim's prior health, claim that another party was involved, or similar reasons. In nearly all cases, this tactic helps the insurer, not the victim.

Victims of Fargo motorcycle accidents who hire an attorney often have a better chance of holding the liable party responsible for their negligence.

Another danger victims not represented by a legal council may face include documents sent to them by the insurance company. Sometimes, these documents may require signatures and jeopardize a victim's claim. Some of the steps the insurer may use include:

  • Seeking medical treatment releases. An insurance company may request a copy of the medical records associated with a victim's injury from an accident. In most cases, they ask you to sign much broader releases. Often, the insurer will seek complete medical records from the victim. The expectation is that they can identify pre-existing conditions which they can use to minimize their financial exposure. Victims should never sign any documents an insurer provides without having them reviewed by a lawyer first.
  • Making a quick settlement offer. The more serious a victim's injuries, the more likely an insurer will make a quick settlement offer. If accepted, this could work in their favor because once a victim accepts an offer, the insurer is under no further obligation to the victim. This is nearly always bad news for motorcycle accident victims, as they cannot seek further compensation after they accept a settlement.
  • Insisting on recorded statements. Insurance companies often ask for statements from victims, a standard step in the claims process. However, a victim is not obligated to provide a recorded statement and should not do so. Recorded statements often provide information that could be detrimental to the victim's claim because adjusters are trained to ask questions in a manner that can be misleading.

No accident victim must speak with an insurance adjuster without consulting an attorney first. Additionally, a victim should not sign any documents provided by the insurance company without first having them reviewed. Often, insurers will include onerous clauses in documents that may impact a victim’s rights to collect compensation.

A Fargo motorcycle accident victim can help ensure that an insurance company does not take advantage of them or cause them to forfeit their rights with the help of an attorney.

By contacting a Fargo motorcycle accident injury attorney at Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers, you can feel confident we will protect your rights and look out for your best interests. Never lose sight of the fact that insurance adjusters are not there to help victims. They are working to protect the insurance company's bottom line.

What to Do After a Fargo Motorcycle Accident

Once a Fargo motorcycle accident victim has been seen by medical professionals and released from their care, they should seek immediate advice from a skilled personal injury attorney to protect their claim. Having an attorney advise a victim of their rights can help ensure no mistakes when dealing with an insurance company. Victims should never attempt to go through the claims process alone because many issues may arise that can jeopardize a claim.

Victims should maintain a complete record, including their medical and other expenses and relevant day-to-day issues. All of this information can help our attorneys prepare a claim. Bring it with you to your initial consultation with our attorneys.

Victims should also follow all recommendations from their medical team. Failure to follow these directions and recommendations could jeopardize a victim’s claim for damages and losses.

Victims should also use caution when speaking with others about their accident. It is important to remember that insurance investigators will likely speak with friends, family, and neighbors regarding the victim’s actions in the days and weeks following an accident. The insurer uses this tool to try and minimize their potential liability.

An experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney from Nicolet Law Accident & Injury Lawyers will protect a victim’s rights and file all documents the insurer requires on time.

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