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Thousands of Wisconsin residents ride all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) every day. Driving these off-road vehicles on farms, trails, and parks is an increasingly popular sport and leisure-time activity in Wisconsin. Additionally, ATVs and UTVs are frequently used by farmers and farm laborers for land and livestock maintenance.  

Whether you are riding for work or play, it is important to understand the risks involved. These vehicles are almost as dangerous as they are fun. In fact, more than 81,000 people sustain injuries from ATV accidents every year, many of whom are children younger than 16 years old. 

If you or a loved one have sustained injuries in an ATV or UTV accident, we recommend contacting a local attorney as soon as possible. Accident victims may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries if the accident occurred as a result of negligence or manufacturing errors. 

At Nicolet Law Office, our lawyers will do everything in our power to identify the cause of your accident and determine liability. We will work to bring a claim against the negligent party and secure the compensation you need to recover. 

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Common Causes of ATV Accidents 

While it only takes a moment for an ATV or UTV accident to occur, they can result from a variety of causes. Some of the most common causes of accidents include:

  • Driver inexperience or error: Many people drive off-road vehicles without a proper understanding of their power and operation. Inexperienced riders are at an increased risk of being in an accident. 
  • Reckless driving: While there is no doubt that driving an ATV is an exciting experience, riders must always exercise caution. Many off-road vehicle accidents result from reckless driving behaviors, including speeding and performing tricks or stunts.
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Off-road vehicles are powerful machines whose operation requires a high level of situational awareness, quick reaction time, and fine motor skills—all of which are impaired by drugs and alcohol. 
  • Riding with a passenger on a vehicle intended for one person: Most ATVs are built to carry only one person, and UTVs have rider limits as well. Carrying more than the recommended number of people increases the risk of experiencing an accident. 
  • Equipment failure: It is not uncommon for an off-road vehicle to have defects in their design or manufacture. Some issues, such as defective brakes or defective steering systems, often lead to accidents. 
  • Driving in unfamiliar areas or on unfamiliar terrain: If a driver is not familiar with an area, they are more likely to be caught off-guard when they encounter things like sharp turns, large rocks, or fallen trees. 
  • Failing to follow state laws or local ordinances: Every state has different requirements for off-road vehicles. In Wisconsin, for example, it is illegal to drive an off-road vehicle on paved roads unless the driver is crossing the road or transporting farm equipment.  

Although some accidents cannot be prevented, there are various steps riders can take to prevent the worst outcomes. 

The ATV Safety Institute recommends that all drivers: 

  • Always wear proper safety gear 
  • Avoid driving on paved roads
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • Do not ride with more passengers than the recommended limit
  • Supervise all riders younger than 16
  • Ride a vehicle that is age appropriate for you
  • Only ride on designated trails 
  • Complete an ATV Safety Course and carry your certification on every ride 

Compassionate Legal Representation for ATV Accident Victims 

Accidents happen even to the most careful off-road driver. When they do, it is crucial for accident victims to understand their rights under the law. For example, those who have sustained injuries in an accident may be entitled to receive compensation.

Most off-road vehicle accident claims center on negligence, or a failure to exercise proper care. In other words, if the accident was caused by someone other than the accident victim, the victim may be able to sue that driver for damages. 

At Nicolet Law Office, we represent clients who have been seriously injured in ATV or UTV accidents involving: 

  • Rollovers: Rollovers are among the most common and dangerous ATV and UTV accidents. In a rollover, it is possible that the driver and passenger may be thrown off or pinned down by the vehicle. 
  • Equipment failure: Poor manufacture or design may lead to equipment failure, which can result in accident or injury. 
  • Collisions with other vehicles: ATV and UTV drivers have a duty to drive responsibly. If a driver’s recklessness resulted in accident or injury, the reckless driver may be found legally responsible. 
  • Dangerous conditions: If someone is injured in an accident that resulted from hazardous conditions at an ATV riding park or trail, the property owner may be held liable for the victim’s injuries. 

Whether your accident resulted from the negligence of another person or the manufacturer of the vehicle, the trusted attorneys at Nicolet Law Office are prepared to help you with your claim. What’s more, it will cost you nothing to learn what our firm can do for you. We offer free initial consultations for all of our personal injury clients, so that you can explore the full extent of your legal options without committing to a payment plan. 

Contact Nicolet Law Office for Help With Your ATV Accident Claim 

If you or someone you love has sustained injuries in an all-terrain or utility vehicle accident, we encourage you to contact a trusted attorney at Nicolet Law Office as soon as possible. Do not wait for the medical bills, stress, and pressure to pile up. When you come to us with your case, we will help you understand your legal options and work tirelessly to help you secure just compensation for your injuries. 

We also understand that many of our clients are concerned that they cannot afford a lawyer. However, because the experienced attorneys at Nicolet Law Office are dedicated to providing affordable, passionate legal representation for people in all financial situations, we are proud to offer legal services on a contingency fee basis. In other words, our clients only pay us when we win their case. 
Our skilled personal injury attorneys are available to meet with accident victims to discuss their case. Schedule your free consultation today by calling us toll-free at 1-855-NICOLET or by filling out our secure online form.


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